Jun 20, 2017

World: Protecting the Coral Sea | Australian Marine Conservation Society

Great Barrier Reef, Australia image by Adele Pedder
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Date: Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 5:01 PM
Subject: Article: Protecting the Coral Sea

This is exactly what we fight for...
Hi Liz,
I wanted to share this inspiring article with you, that we recently published in the United Nations Chronicle Magazine. I think it really captures what we're fighting for, all around Australia.
In 2012, Australia announced the world's largest representative national network of marine parks and sanctuaries. This network boasted 60 large marine parks around the nation's coastline.
This followed 15 years of advocacy, scientific research and consultation, and was overwhelmingly endorsed by the Australian public. Despite this, in 2013 a newly instated Abbott government suspended the network and ordered a 'review'.
The area most under threat from this review is the Coral Sea – the cradle to the Great Barrier Reef. It is one of the last wild places on earth where ocean giants still thrive, home to gigantic whale sharks, whales and dolphins, sea turtles, and rare healthy populations of large ocean predators such as sharks, tuna, sailfish, and the only know black marlin spawning event in the world. The 2013 Abbott review is proposing to strip the Coral Sea of much of its protection.
The Australian Marine Conservation Society, along with the Save Our Marine Life alliance of 25 conservation groups, are seeking the complete reinstatement of the Coral Sea Marine Reserve and our national network of sanctuaries.
The next public consultation is coming soon, possibly our last chance to secure the future of our vital marine reserves. 50,000 public submissions were generated last round, and we're aiming for more. Watch this space!
Thanks for all you do for our oceans.

May 19, 2017

Spain: The Spanish Galgo - a type of "Hunting Dog" Facing a Modern Day Horror | Dr. Becker at Mercola.com

Please view this sad, informative article by Dr. Becker at Mercola.com including the conversation she had with Yeray Lopez about the mistreatment of the dog breed called Galgo. She says, "I greatly admire Yeray's warrior spirit, and my commitment to him is that we'll do everything we can to support his efforts. It really comes down to awareness and education, which can shift the way people think. But it will take a lot of soldiers in the army to get the education process rolling."

Another organization that has helped many discarded, mistreated hunting dogs recover is the Viktor Larkhill Rescue. You can view their extreme rescues on YouTube and their recently started page at Patreon. Here is an example of a current dog in dire need of donations for a new surgery even though her rescue began two years ago. Some recoveries take a long time and are complicated, like Amy's:
Amy's YouTube video from this week: https://youtu.be/nBUlO4gjWMM

Apr 21, 2017

Vancouver Island, Canada: 2 dead and 3 seriously injured after logging train derailment

2 dead and 3 seriously injured after logging train derails on Vancouver Island: Two people were killed after a logging train derailed on north Vancouver Island Thursday morning. Three others were seriously injured and remain in hospital.

Apr 20, 2017

Global Earth Day and March for Science April 22, 2017

Can't believe we have to march for the obvious - again - but we do.

Happy Earth Day

"Social media connects most, but oceans connect us all" - Fabien Cousteau

Mar 31, 2017

USA: March 30 Deadline Passed for Introducing CRA Resolutions Targeting Obama-Era Protections

image source: __Jasmin__ on Pixabay

From the Public Citizen Press Room 3/31/17:
About Two Dozen Rules Remain Targets for Repeal – Hundreds No Longer Can Be Challenged Using the CRA

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Americans are relieved to have passed an important milestone in the ongoing battle to defend health, safety, consumer and environmental protections from attacks by President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress. The deadline for introducing resolutions of disapproval under the Congressional Review Act (CRA) that target Obama-era regulatory protections elapsed on Thursday, March 30.
It is sadly a very long list. Please click for rules at risk grid showing which protections have been targeted by current administration using the Congressional Rules Act:

Idaho: Boy injured, family dog killed by USDA cyanide bomb placed on BLM land without warnings or notices

image: bykst on Pixabay

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) wanted to kill coyotes. Device looked like a sprinkler head. Boy touched it to see what it was. It exploded with orange fumes immediately. Yellow Lab was downwind and got the brunt of it. USDA said they posted signs but family and nearly all nearby neighbors report seeing no signs whatsoever.

Global (so-called developed world?): Glue Traps. WARNING - GRAPHIC IMAGES

How Glue Traps Ruined My Childhood: If you're thinking about using glue traps, beware that these torture devices could leave your home worse off than before.