Oct 5, 2016

near Shetland, UK: BP platform leaks 95 tonnes of oil into North Sea

BP Platform

Why does BP still exist??!!
From the article:
"BP believes that allowing the oil to disperse naturally at sea is the best way to deal with the spill, although other options have not been ruled out." Click for article in The Guardian:

Oct 4, 2016

World: Happy World Animal Day 10/4/16. 4 stories including highlights from Animals are Not Freight Day global day of action on 8/29/16

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Together, we're working for farm animals every day
Compassion in World Farming
Celebrating farm animals and you

Animals are not Freight Day
Today, on World Animal Day, we're celebrating your compassion and respect for farm animals. Every battle won against factory farming, and every success still to come, is down to you. Thank you for showing that you care and for making the world a more humane place.
29th August marked a fantastic global storm of protest against the long distance transport of live farm animals. Thank you to everyone who attended an event, took action online, joined the Twitter Thunderclap, or made it clear that Animals are not Freight in another way.
An Antibiotic Apocalypse
A new study has revealed alarmingly high incidences of antibiotic-resistant E.coli in British supermarket chicken meat.
The study, commissioned by the Alliance to Save our Antibiotics, of which Compassion is a founding member, provides evidence that the over-use of essential antibiotics in British factory farms is undermining the treatment of infections in humans.
We are calling on supermarkets to tackle the use of antibiotics in their supply chains by improving the living conditions of farm animals and ending routine, preventative mass-medication.
Chicken welfare: a top US priority
Compassion USA recently hosted a first-of-its-kind forum with leading food companies and key industry representatives to discuss the best way forward for improved broiler chicken welfare. The message is clear – chickens reared for meat are the new priority in US farm animal welfare.
Having gathered people with the power to create industry change in one room, we're anticipating improvements such as the use of slower-growing chicken breeds and the provision of natural light, more space, and enrichment.
A film with a difference (you can make)
Each generation is, sadly, confronted by terrible cruelty. And each generation has to make a tough decision: look away or take a stand. Today, we are faced with factory farming, the biggest cause of animal cruelty of our time.
Please don't look away – take a few moments today to watch this short film. By leaving a gift in your Will, you could be part of the generation that puts an end to factory farming.
Thank you again for your support. Together we're standing firm against factory farming – not just on World Animal Day, but every day – for as long as farm animals need us.
With best wishes,
Joy Elliott
Joy Elliott
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World: We've Passed 400 PPM Threshold. Permanently.

Published Sept. 27, 2016 by ClimateCentral.org:
Carbon dioxide just hit its annual minimum and failed to dip below 400 ppm. We're unlikely to see a month below that level in our lifetimes.

Sep 19, 2016

TX, AL, GA, NJ and beyond: Oil spill worries Government and Business about PRICES not ENVIRONMENT

Amazingly there is not much thought to the environment in the reporting of this event. This CBS46.com article updated 9/19/16 is focused on gas prices following a pipeline leak in Birmingham AL sometime on or before 9/15/16. The pipeline goes from Houston TX to NJ. The Governor of Alabama has issued an extension to a state of emergency that apparently was intended to help in anticipation of prices possibly going up in Georgia and supply from going down, A gas shortage and price hikes in Georgia have occurred. The company Colonial Pipeline said a break in their pipe near Birmingham on Sept. 9 caused about 6,000 barrels of gas to leak into their retention area. The article says, "They said there is no environmental hazard or hazard to the public." It also says Colonial Pipeline is usually quick to fix problems. Whether retention area or not, an oil leak always has consequences on the environment in the same way that any malfunction or human error that caused it adds to the overall risks and hazards of this industry. 

Read more: http://www.cbs46.com/story/33106951/georgia-pipeline-company-responding-to-gasoline-leak-in-birmingham#ixzz4KiiG3CrO 

International: Dispatches From The Frontlines of Earthjustice.org

source: Gord Webster via Earthjustice
“Our hope is that this settlement served as notice to other developers 
about the importance of complying with these laws
 from the beginning of a project.”-David Henkin  
Citizen enforcement secures stream restoration and reef protection on Kauaʻi, 14 years after Earthjustice filed suit.
Click on link to view several September 2016 updates on Earthjustice's vital work. Please share:
Dispatches From The Frontlines of Earthjustice