Feb 24, 2017

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On the job front
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On campuses, here is a message from Laura Brigham at LetsGoSolar.com re tips toward greening college campuses

Hello Liz:

College students and campus administrators are leading the sustainability charge nationwide, implementing innovative, eco-friendly ideas and actionable objectives. LetsGoSolar.com has created a new guide that makes going green on campus fun. Through a quick quiz and clever tips, everyone is sure to find a new way to help the environment.

Check out Going Green on Campus:

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Laura Brigham

Feb 19, 2017

Casselton ND: Video of BNSF Railway Grain Train Derailment and Subsequent Collision with Crude Oil Train

This video was uploaded Feb 7, 2017. The incident was Dec 30, 2013. The National Transportation Safety Board published the video with link to the full report at:

USA and everywhere: Avoid using fertilizers and pesticides

(image source: liz marshall)
Avoid use of fertilizers and pesticides.

Fertilizers and other chemicals in stormwater are polluting rivers, lakes and bays nationwide.

Fertilizers contain elements such as nitrogen and phosphorus which are called nutrients.

Rain carries fertilizers through the ground and drains to the nearest water body.

Excessive nutrients in water can lead to growth of algae and other tiny organisms which use up oxygen in the water and harm fish and other life.

If chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides spill, sweep them up rather than hosing them into streets and storm drain.

The only thing that should enter storm drains is rain.