Jan 8, 2021

Bellingham WA: 2021 Update re Quick wetland views from 2017 and 2020

This is an update regarding the Critical Areas  between East Laurel Street and Wharf Street some of which is under the jurisdiction of the BNSF Railway (see BNSF) and some under the City of Bellingham. 

A Google album contains the above photo re eagles and three other photos of the wetland showing that debris from vagrants still remains. (There is orange construction fencing along the buffer since December 2020 in connection with the City's ongoing Trestle Repair Project): https://photos.app.goo.gl/reJLxZgut3UzGLJm9

Following is my January 9, 2020 post re the wetland buffer between East Laurel Street and Wharf Street. I saw for the first time last year a pair of American Bald Eagles use the area for nesting and at least two babies fledged. Someone told me there was a third as well. Eagle visits to the nest have been observed this year but I haven't observed whether they are actually nesting. I would think there would be reports on eBird or elsewhere - I just haven't researched. 

After BNSF felled many trunks of trees in the area the day the lockdown started, I wrote to the City and received a reply from a planner saying, "I sent your information on to our complaint folks, and they’re following up." Despite my several inquiries re status, I was never informed of any remedial steps taken regarding the tree removals.

January 9, 2020 post: 

A cleanup of trash in this area was begun yesterday. Part of the property is City-owned (South Bay Trail) and the wetland buffer is property of the international Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Company (BNSF). Cleanup will improve conditions for plants and animals in the drainage which is essentially just yards/meters away from Bellingham Bay on the Washington coast. Cleanup should ameliorate air, land and water pollution.

January 8, 2020 1-1/2 minute view:

Compared to 2017:

From April 2017, 40-second clip of BNSF wetland:

 From April 2017, 3-minute view of a particular deer in sunshine:

Jan 6, 2021

Web: Event. 🐬 Saturday 1/9/21 10-4 PST Ways of Whales 2021


Join the annual Ways of Whales 2021 webinar, this year online so people who are far away can join! It will be held Saturday from 10am-4pm Pacific Standard Time. Orcanetwork is a (longtime, top notch) nonprofit and modest registration fees benefit their (Herculean) work. Click HERE to view Orcanetwork's post and to register; see the list of (outstanding) defenders and the topics to be discussed in the webinar. I encourage your participation 😁! The contact email address is Cindy AT orcanetwork.org or call 360-223-5666 with any questions.
An alternate link to get to the same info is:
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Dec 20, 2020

Canadian waters: 🐟 GOOD NEWS! Water-based #salmon farming will come to an end in 18 months!

"The fight took decades but ended the right way."
Alexandra Morton, Biologist

Please read the good news below from the David Suzuki Foundation. The news is also covered by aptnnews.ca at the following link: https://www.aptnnews.ca/national-news/salmon-farm/

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From: David Suzuki Foundation <subscribers@davidsuzuki.org>
Date: Fri, Dec 18, 2020, 8:00 AM
Subject: Big win for wild salmon!
Open-net fish farm

(Photo credit: Kelly Roebuck)

Salmon farms on their way out of the Discovery Islands!

Hello Liz,

Great news! Today government took the first step in getting salmon farms out of the path of wild salmon. Its decision to phase out salmon farms in the Discovery Islands over the next 18 months is a crucial step in saving wild salmon. It gives the juvenile fish migrating past the Discovery Islands a better chance of surviving.

This could not have happened without supporters like you!

Thank you for speaking out to protect Pacific salmon and ocean health. The government has heard us! Let's celebrate this decision for wild salmon populations that sustain people and wildlife from the Pacific coast to the far reaches of the Fraser River in the B.C. Interior.

Recovering salmon will continue to require your support, so please stay tuned in the New Year!

Thank you again for supporting wild salmon. Together, we're making a difference.

Get the details

With thanks,

Olga Shuvalova, Communications Specialist
David Suzuki Foundation

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Dec 18, 2020

#Bellingham WA and global: Event Sunday 12/20/20 4-5PM Call to Action - NO to 5G - Yes to Publicly-owned Fiber

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From: Leslie Shankman <leslie.shankman@comcast.net>
Date: Wed, Dec 16, 2020 at 3:11 PM
Subject: Call to Action- NO to 5G - 12-20-20

Call to Action!
Please share with your e-mail lists.
An hour of your presence is needed … and will greatly help to amplify a message that is vitally important to all of us…
Occupy Bellingham asks us to join a coordinated world-wide action inspired by Norwegian activist Ragna Heffermehn.
We must add our voice to saying "NO" to the world-wide roll-out of the 5th generation of wireless technology which further adds to the proven dangers of electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs). Thousands of independent scientific studies done over the last 20 years substantiate harmful effects on all life—human, animal, insect, and plants.
In addition to on the ground roll-out of thousands of small cell transmitters in many cities this year, thousands of satellites have been launched to create "Starlink", a network of EMF"s emitted from the sky.  Industry plans call for up to 100,000 satellites in the sky.
Beta testing of launched satellites was started in September between 44 and 52 degrees latitude. Bellingham, at 48.75 degrees North, is in the beta testing band.
Solstice Sunday, December 20th 2020, 4-5 PM.  
A light projector will shine Anti-5G memes onto the Rocket Donuts mural across from Bayou on the Bay restaurant.    
We ask people to show up with signs expressing their concern, but remain socially distant with masks.   
Some sign suggestions:
"We Do Not Consent", "Thousands of peer-reviewed studies can't be wrong", "Internet of All Things puts us in a giant microwave oven", "Just Say NO to Verizon and Cancer",  "Publicly-owned fiber Benefits All". 
Pictures and videos of our united concern can be shared with other groups to build unity and voice. Our united and amplified voice needs to be expressed to our elected officials on all levels of government. Our one hour of coming together can be exponentially leveraged to amplify the message.
Show up for 1 hour, 4-5 PM, at the corner of W. Holly Street and Bay Street
Thank you!
Whatcom Citizens for Responsible Technology