Jan 20, 2023

#Ocean: #Whales are one of the most endangered marine animals

I have followed Rob Moir for a long time. I recommend supporting his organizations if you can. Per the Daily Hampshire Gazette, "Rob Moir, Ph.D., is executive director of the Ocean River Institute and Director of Global Warming Solutions IE-PAC in Cambridge Massachusetts. He is an educator, scientist, and advocate with a proven history of institutional management and climate policy success." 

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From: Rob Moir <rob@globalwarmingproblemsolvers.com>
Date: Wed, Jan 18, 2023, 1:12 PM
Subject: Whales are one of the most endangered marine animals

I've spent much of my adult life working to protect our ocean and its sea life. From the sea turtle to the manatee to the right whale,  together we are committed to preserving this important ecosystem.

The ocean and the creatures in it act as a carbon sink, removing carbon from our atmosphere. This helps to slow the threat of climate change caused by excess amounts of carbon. But many important marine species are endangered, including 7 out of the 13 species of great whales.

Last month a new research paper was published detailing how a recovery in whale population could increase their ability to act as a carbon sink and combat the climate crisis.

Whales are exceptionally good at reducing carbon because of their massive size. These large mammals can live over a hundred years, accumulating vast amounts of carbon. A 2019 report published by the International Monetary Fund estimates that a great whale can sequester up to 33 tons of carbon each year. Compare that to a tree that absorbs about 48 pounds of carbon annually.

Every day, whales consume up to 4% of their body weight in krill and photosynthetic plankton. Their excrement then helps krill and plankton flourish by providing necessary nutrients and aiding photosynthesis – removing still more carbon.

When whales die, they sink to the bottom of the ocean, carrying their carbon stores with them and keeping large amounts of carbon out of the atmosphere for centuries.

Whales are one of the most endangered marine animals on the earth due to habitat destruction, rising global temperatures, historical whaling, and entanglement with fishing lines.

One species is of particular concern: the right whale. There are only an estimated 340 right whales remaining. Due to habitat destruction, fishing entanglement stress, and food shortages, many right whales cannot calf every three years, as they once were. Some don't even calf at all. We must do all we can for the right whale. As Dr. Michael Moore writes, "We must save the North Atlantic right whale to save ourselves."

Among all these clouds, there is a small ray of sunlight. Global Warming Solutions and many other climate activists have successfully advocated for the right whale. Just this month, Massachusetts declared April 24 as Right Whale Day. And with ten new calves born in 2022, I am more hopeful than ever that we will succeed at saving this species and many like it from extinction in the future.

Together, we will continue our advocacy for the right whale and see many more victories for these amazing creatures and our planet.



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Jan 9, 2023

Global: Dangerous link between EMF/5G and lower IQ in kids… [Shocking!]

I am a long-time subscriber to Dr. Justin Marchegiani's newsletter and he frequently offers instructive podcasts. I have also been following Nick Pineault's publications. One shocking excerpt from this email😨:
"Up to 75% of 4 year olds own their own cell phone! (American Academy of Pediatrics survey in Philadelphia)"

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From: Just In Health <office@justinhealth.com>
Date: Mon, Jan 9, 2023, 7:18 AM
Subject: Dangerous link between EMF/5G and lower IQ in kids… [Shocking!]

Hey Liz,

My friend Nick Pineault just shared some shocking new research indicating long term mobile phone use, especially among children, is actually shrinking the cerebral cortex, which is related to intelligence...

…like in a person who is addicted to drugs!

Unfortunately, that's not the worst of it either. Did you know…

Children absorb twice as much radiation as adults, pound per pound. Their bone marrow absorbs up to 10 TIMES more radiation (researcher Om P. Gandhi)

Up to 75% of 4 year olds own their own cell phone! (American Academy of Pediatrics survey in Philadelphia)

This is the first generation of children ever exposed to these levels of EMFs, cradle to grave - including the new, more powerful 5G networks.

This is just one of the many shocking health conditions that is being caused by EMF pollution and chronic exposure to 5G and other sources of wireless such as routers and Bluetooth-enabled ear buds.

Far beyond the 5G cell tower issues that many governments and cellular companies are suppressing, this new research is being released as part of Nick's new EMF Hazards Summit.

18 world renowned researchers, scientists and medical professionals are pulling back the curtain on the new health dangers now being linked to EMF exposure.

>> Watch The EMF Hazards Summit Here For FREE

Yours in Health,
Dr. Justin Marchegiani

P.S. In addition to sharing what the world needs to know now, Nick will also tell you EXACTLY what to do to protect yourself and family about this new "invisible" toxin and possibly even reverse the damage it may have caused.

>> Watch The EMF Hazards Summit Here - While It's Still FREE

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Just In Health, 2028 E. Ben White blvd, Austin, Texas 78741, United States

Dec 31, 2022

Professor Heather Cox Richardson's 2022 Wrap-up Letter from an American

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

I don't know how she does it but Professor Richardson's Letter from an American is a monumental contribution to political and historical education and commentary. Fresh writing on current and past events arrives via Substack in my inbox practically every morning and I am consistently in awe.



Dec 18, 2022

Global cities: Crown Volume of Urban Trees, Public Health, & Low Income Housing

Forest & Cedar Park, Bellingham WA

As is often the case, the healthiest approach also makes economic sense.

Quoting Dr. Nadina Galle, "...a street with fewer trees but larger crowns is better for your health. Ecologically, it adds up. Health and well-being-wise, it checks out. But the economics make sense too." In her blog post "Smart New Ways to Protect Wise Old Trees" Dr. Galle explains a few important points in urban forest caretaking during these anxious times. She outlines exciting developments in counting, measuring, mapping trees and how LIDAR sensors even help quantify crown volume.

Meanwhile, on the same day, I noticed Treehugger's great article on the importance of greenery in people's everyday lives.  While this topic has been in the general press lately, I am not sure that governing bodies and citizenry will take it to heart. Biophilia, restoration, and similar nature topics warrant a whole lot of attention from schools, community leaders, property owners and corporations. Those actions which slow climate destruction also benefit people's health and well-being.

I receive a Google alerts on the topic "Low Income Housing Tax Credit" (LIHTC). This is a category of housing which many people have benefited from in my region. I like to observe the trends and learn a bit about what may be on the horizon. There have been many articles in the general press about this topic too. The thriving LIHTC construction industry this year seems to be accelerating. The program is attractive to both developers and governments. One article for example that was cited is:  "Bid in Congress to expand low-income housing tax credit gains support"

Many old trees are removed in favor of big construction projects. Recent housing designs tend to be block buildings without greenery or lush public parks nearby. It would be wise to follow in the steps of cities and other groups who are developing sites that are simultaneously lucrative for investors, healthful for residents of all ages, and mindful of the irreplaceable value to all of us of the natural world.

Dec 14, 2022

Earth: Ecocide from space. NUMBER OF OPERATING SATELLITES PASSES 7,000

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From: Arthur Firstenberg <info@cellphonetaskforce.org>
Date: Wed, Dec 14, 2022, 11:00 AM
Subject: Ecocide from space



On the evening of Thursday, December 8, 2022, OneWeb launched 40 satellites from Cape Canaveral, Florida, bringing the total number of active satellites in orbit around the Earth to more than 7,000. These cell towers in space are altering the electromagnetic environment of the entire planet and are debilitating and exterminating all life on it.

Even the first fleet of 28 military satellites launched by the United States caused a worldwide pandemic of influenza when they became operational on June 13, 1968. The Hong Kong flu began in June 1968, lasted through April 1970, and killed up to four million people worldwide. To understand why requires a proper understanding of our connection to the universe and what it is that really gives us life and health, and makes our bodies move. In a sense, we are all puppets on invisible strings that connect us to heaven and earth, strings that resonate at the age-old frequencies of the biosphere in which we live, the space between Earth and Sky, whose dimensions never change. And when we modulate and pulsate those strings at random from thousands of locations in space, we change the beautiful music of the earthly orchestra into a discordant chaos that scatters bodies all over the world, helpless before it.

On March 24-25, 2021, the chaos was brought to a new level, that the world now accepts as normal. In that 24-hour period, a record 96 satellites were launched into space on a single day—60 by SpaceX and 36 by OneWeb—and on the same day SpaceX dramatically increased the speed of its satellite internet connections. On that day, people all over the world suddenly could not sleep, were weak and exhausted, had muscle spasms, and hurt and itched all over, especially in their feet and legs. They had skin rashes, were dizzy and nauseous, and had stomach aches and diarrhea. The ringing in their ears was suddenly amplified. Their eyes were inflamed, and their vision suddenly worsened. They had heart arrhythmias, and their blood pressure went out of control. Some had nosebleeds, or coughed up blood. They were anxious, depressed or suicidal, and irritable. Their cats, dogs, chickens, goats and cows were sick at the same time.

My newsletter of April 15, 2021, Survey Results, quoted from some of the thousand letters I received from people young and old, from people who called themselves electrosensitive and from people who did not, from people who had no wireless technology and from people who had smart meters and 5G antennas outside their homes and who emailed me from their cell phones, all reporting the same experiences, commonly reporting that not only they, but their spouse, children, parents, neighbors, friends, coworkers, clients, and everyone else they knew were sick, exhausted and irritable on March 24 or 25 and had trouble sleeping. The reports came from 42 states and 50 countries.

Deaths of blue titmice spiked in Germany beginning on March 25, 2021. March 25 registered the second highest number of COVID-19 deaths in 2021, and the fifth highest since the pandemic began. The number of mass shootings in the US rose suddenly on March 25 and remained high for three weeks. An average of 6 shootings involving 4 or more victims occurred every day between March 25 and April 13. Photographs of hundreds of worms, and of hundreds of sheep, moving silently in perfect spirals, were taken on March 25 and March 26.

Long-term pain, sickness, and debility has become so common that it is now accepted as a normal part of life that the world thinks it can address with endless vaccinations, mask-wearing, and the wiping of all hands and surfaces with toxic disinfectants.

Last week, on December 8, 2022, on the day OneWeb launched satellites that will expand its coverage across the US, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, I experienced within my body, and heard from some other people both locally and far away that the pains and debilities from which we have been suffering at some level for the past 20 months suddenly intensified. I was almost crippled for three days. As on March 24-25, 2021, I would like to find out how widespread this is. Please reply to this email if you have experienced something similar.

Although SpaceX and OneWeb are (so far) building the largest fleets of Earth-destroying satellites, they are far from the only entities launching them. The 7,000 satellites presently operating were launched by governments or private companies of the following countries:

​        Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium,
        Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark,
        Ecuador, Egypt, European Space Agency, Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland, France,
        Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan,
        Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Laos, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco,
        Morocco, Multinational, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan,
        Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia, South
        Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan,
        Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United
        Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela, Vietnam

And they were launched from the following spaceports:

        Baikonur Cosmodrome (Kazakhstan)
        Cape Canaveral (Florida, USA)
        Dombarovsky Air Base (Russia)
        Guiana Space Center (French Guiana)
        Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center (Inner Mongolia, China)
        Kodiak Launch Complex (Alaska, USA)
        Kwajalein Island (Marshall Islands)
        Naro Space Center (South Korea)
        Palmachim Launch Complex (Israel)
        Plesetsk Cosmodrome (Russia)
        Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1 (New Zealand)
        Satish Dhawan Space Centre (India)
        Pacific Ocean (from Odyssey Sea Launch vessel)
        Shahroud Missile Range (Iran)
        Svobodny Cosmodrome (Russia)
        Taiyuan Launch Center (China)
        Tanegashima Space Center (Japan)
        Uchinoura Space Center (Japan)
        Vandenberg Air Force Base (California, USA)
        Vostochny Cosmodrome (Russia)
        Wallops Island Flight Facility (Virginia, USA)
        Wenchang Satellite Launch Center (China)
        Xichang Satellite Launch Center (China)
        Yellow Sea (from a mobile sea platform)

Other Satellite News
European IRIS Satellites

The European Union just got into the act with its own program to provide high-speed broadband from space to all of Europe and Africa. On December 5, 2022, the Council of the EU and the European Parliament reached a provisional agreement to launch 170 new satellites called Infrastructure for Resilience, Interconnection and Security (IRIS). "This new component of the EU Space Programme will put an end to dead zones in Europe as well as the whole of Africa using the constellation's North-South orbits through a resilient and ultra-secure space and ground-based system," says the EU's Space Program (EUSPA) website.

AST SpaceMobile

On September 10, 2022, AST SpaceMobile launched the largest, and probably the most powerful, commercial communications array ever put into space. It is the first of a planned fleet of 243 Bluebird satellites designed to connect directly with people's existing mobile phones, no matter where on Earth they may be located. The size of its solar array -- 64 square meters -- is causing alarm among astronomers because it is as bright as the brightest stars during the hours after sunset and before sunrise.

So far AST SpaceMobile is working with Rakuten Mobile, AT&T, Bell Canada, Telecom Argentina, Africell, Liberty Latin America and Orange, for a potential customer base of 1.8 billion mobile phone subscribers.

The immensely powerful signals from the Bluebird satellites are also worrying radio astronomers, as well as human beings who are concerned for their well-being. The effective radiated power of each satellite, according to AST's filings with the FCC, will be up to 83 million watts, and the exposure level at the surface of the earth from such beams, according to my calculations, will be up to 3 nanowatts per square centimeter, which is 100 times more radiation than what I am exposed to in my house in Santa Fe from the nearest cell towers.

"Every person should have the right to access cellular broadband, regardless of where they live or work. Our goal is to close the connectivity gaps that negatively impact billions of lives around the world," said Abel Avellan, CEO of AST SpaceMobile.

We beg to differ, Mr. Avellan. Every person, every animal, and every plant should have the right to drink from the Earth's natural frequencies, and not to be bombarded with artificial radiation from space.

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December 14, 2022

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