Sep 13, 2019

Is Technology Driving Your Pet Insane?

 See Dr. Karen Becker's article:

If Your Pet Could Talk, She'd Beg You to Get These Things Out of Your Home


and please share! Thank you on behalf of pets everywhere now and in future 🤗

Sep 8, 2019

USA: Have you heard about ALEC?

Please read this alert from Common Cause if you haven't already and donate, share and/or help in other ways if you are able. Thank you!

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From: ALEC Alert <>
Date: Sun, Sep 8, 2019, 5:36 AM
Subject: Have you heard about ALEC?

Learn more about this serious threat to our democracy -- and how you can fight back.
Liz, our team has agreed: some of the most important upcoming fights for our democracy will happen in the states -- not in Washington, D.C.
And one major threat is a group you might not have heard of: ALEC.
ALEC is the acronym for the benign-sounding American Legislative Exchange Council. Except... it's anything but benign. This is a group of lobbyists funded by big corporations, working to ram far-right legislation through state legislatures.
ALEC is responsible for some of the most extreme, ultra-conservative laws passed in the last decade: "Stand Your Ground" gun legislation, racially discriminatory and overly strict voter photo ID laws, rollbacks of environmental protections, and blocking the Affordable Care Act at the state level, among others.
As I write, ALEC is getting ready for the 2020 legislative sessions in the states -- and eyeing even more extreme legislation in states across the country. Stifling the right to peaceful protest. Advancing a dangerous Article V Constitutional Convention. Making it easier than ever to pollute our environment.
We must mobilize to stop them -- and defend our civil rights, voting rights, and every other right you and I hold dear.
ALEC's member corporations pay top dollar for direct access to state lawmakers -- who allow lobbyists to write corporate dream legislation into ALEC "model bills." Then, ALEC-backed legislators rush those bills through their state houses, churning out laws that enrich corporations and hurt the rest of us.
But we have a plan to stop ALEC… and it's working. You see, major companies don't want to be publicly associated with ALEC's overwhelmingly unpopular and extreme agenda. And up until very recently, ALEC has been able to operate from the shadows -- quietly pulling the strings to advance their right-wing policies.
But in the past few years, peoples' groups like Common Cause have exposed ALEC for what it is -- and put MAJOR pressure on companies to cut ties with them.
Just this year, three of ALEC's biggest funders -- AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon -- responded to our demands by canceling their ALEC membership. They joined Google, Coca-Cola, and other major companies in a sweeping exodus from ALEC's toxic brand.
Now, as we're planning our strategy to STOP ALEC, I'm asking every Common Cause Member to chip in -- and make an ongoing investment in our plan that could shut them out for good.
How? By becoming a Guardian for Democracy -- and joining a special group of Common Cause Members who have agreed to make a monthly contribution of $5, $15, or even $25 in support of our work.
We're ready to pressure each corporate ALEC member, one-by-one, until they cut ties with this extreme right-wing lobby group -- and your monthly support will make it possible to fund this sustained effort. Thanks to Guardians for Democracy, we can plan and budget for longer-term fights like this one -- because we know that we have funds we can count on month after month.
AND... if you sign up to become a Guardian for Democracy BEFORE MIDNIGHT -- we'll send you a free copy of former Common Cause Board Chair Robert Reich's newest book, The Common Good!
I've seen it firsthand... our strategy hits ALEC where it hurts. They don't have grassroots members and don't represent anyone besides major corporations -- so if we keep making clear to corporations and their customers what sort of extreme agenda they're backing (and the public disgust that goes along with it), ALEC loses its power.
AND… it's clear they're running scared. ALEC has threatened Common Cause and our coalition partners with legal action multiple times. But all we're doing is putting ALEC's extreme agenda out in the open and letting it speak for itself -- which is a truth they can't keep hiding from.
Despite all this, major companies like Anheuser-Busch, UPS, and Pfizer continue to support ALEC. We need your help to expose their involvement and hold them accountable.
That's why Common Cause has launched an Emergency Drive to raise the resources required to stop ALEC and other pressing threats to our democracy -- by adding 1,000 more members to our special Guardians for Democracy group by TODAY, September 8th.
We've almost reached our goal. Already, 910 folks have signed up -- and I'm hoping we can count on you to help reach 1,000.
And remember -- if you sign up BEFORE MIDNIGHT, we'll send you a free copy of "The Common Good!"
Thank you for your support,
Jay Riestenberg, Deputy Communications Director
and the team at Common Cause

Common Cause
805 Fifteenth Street NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20005
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Sep 7, 2019

USA & beyond: pls contact your electeds re #5G crisis

Please act and share the message. Thank you.

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From: 5G Crisis Summit | Josh del Sol & Sayer Ji <>
Date: Fri, Sep 6, 2019, 2:40 PM
Subject: From 130k emails sent, to -- we have a favor to ask...

Hello, Liz!  

We have been incredibly busy speaking with your peers, talking with professionals and planning our next steps with this movement. More to come there!

Meanwhile, an announcement and a favor to ask:
1. Encore weekend is open early (all 42 talks unlocked through Monday at 10am US eastern).

2. We've created an "action" page for you to share with friends, family and others who need to hear this message. On this page, we have the "instant action" email notification tool for elected officials, and the Dr. Martin Pall talk that's so explicit about the dangers of 5G wireless technology.

--->>The favor we're asking of you today is to share this "action" link with 5 friends:

If you'd like to add some text to what you share, here is an important note from Sayer (feel free to copy and paste this!):


I need to be perfectly candid with you. Our planet is facing a health crisis scenario so extreme that one might easily mistake it for a badly written science fiction film.

But the facts speak for themselves, and the growing concern around the world is entirely valid...

What if I told you that the entire biosphere of this planet is about to be blanketed with over 20,000 high frequency radiation emitting satellites, starting with SpaceX's newly FCC-approved launching of 4,425 satellites into orbit in the next few years?

This is not just a concern of a few natural health advocates. US meteorologists, for instance, issued a statement in June of this year that they are worried 5G will disrupt their ability to properly sense the weather. And why? Because 5G radiation is preferentially absorbed by water molecules (the molecule that all of life is built upon!) -- a fact that represents a form of electromagnetically-induced, planetary climate change and adverse health effects that virtually no one is talking about.

If this ill-conceived agenda moves forward as planned, millions more small cell installations emitting 5G (millimeter wave) radiation will be placed near every few homes, in every neighborhood in this country. No one and nothing will be immune to exposure to a form of radiation that has never been adequately tested for safety, but which countless studies already indicate have adverse biological effects.

The 5G agenda has at least a trillion dollars worth of industry momentum behind it, from sectors as diverse as Big Tech, agriculture, financial services and even the military. It's not just about faster connectivity, but total, real-time surveillance, and the even more concerning potential for weaponization.

So, what's stopping it? The surprising but true answer is YOU.

I'm reaching out to you because I know you care about your health and well-being, that of your community and this planet, and together, we can make a huge difference.

In fact, we already have...

In the past week, 200,000 people from around the world participated in the 5G Crisis Summit, empowering them to send over 130,000 emails to 21,000+ officials in the USA, Canada and Australia alone. The message? We're saying NO to the 5G rollout.

You can send a message to your elected officials now at the following link:

It's already having a measurable positive effect! According to close colleagues in Australia, the email notices that were received in two different cases by MPs played a role in the telecoms there dropping plans to deploy 5G small cells.

But we're only just scratching the surface of what is possible, and what is needed.

That's why I am asking you to share this with at least 5 friends, loved ones, or colleagues.

On the page to send emails to your reps, you can also view Dr. Martin Pall's extremely important interview in which he talks about the 5 most critical areas of harm from 5G wireless radiation:

Consider this...

If you send this to just 5 people, there's a chance the information we've carefully curated will break through the mainstream silence against the real agenda driving 5G!

This weekend there is also a full encore of the entire 5G Crisis event. All 42 of the expert talks will be unlocked, and the action tool will continue to provide people a way to not just learn about the problem, but transform their awareness into a positive impact.

I encourage you to take a few minutes to understand this crisis, and thank you in advance for taking the time to read and listen.

Thank you! Thank you! Your support, in sharing this link and text, will help us continue to reach those who are in dire need of this message and expertise. Thank you!

Your hosts,

Josh del Sol & Sayer Ji

P.S. Yes, we're already making a difference, thank you! Please remember that one of the best ways to support our continued mission is to own all 42 expert talks (and over $400 in bonuses), which will allow you to re-watch at your own pace AND show these talks and transcripts to friends, family and your local officials!

Please consider supporting our mission with a purchase today (the starting at $59 sale price has been held over)!

Once the event starts, this "event" link will take you to each day's expert talks:
(You may have to clear your browser history each day!)