Oct 17, 2011


Please sign - U.S. Fish & Wildlife Organizes Full-Day Workshop Declaring War on Cats! Click on link to read time-sensitive alert from Best Friends:


On November 5, 2011, U.S. Fish & Wildlife personnel will be offering an all-day workshop at the Wildlife Society Annual Conference in Waikoloa, Hawaii, entitled “Influencing Local Scale Feral Cat Trap-Neuter-Release Decisions.” This workshop is supposedly designed specifically for the purpose of training “conservation activists” to protest TNR efforts during the decision-making process...

Here is a brief explanation from Gibsons Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in British Columbia why domestic cats are best kept indoors:

It is safer for the domestic cat to enjoy an indoor life rather than be vulnerable to all the dangers of The Great Outdoors. The American Bird Conservancy (http://www.abcbirds.org/index.html) says that "Wildlife predation by free-roaming and stray cats is a serious conservation issue" and the Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) practices are a big flop. I am unsure that they are. The US Fish & Wildlife has laws against harming wildlife. Instead of scapegoating cats for harming wildlife, which they admittedly do, and targeting TNR cat colony manager volunteers as the only human lawbreakers in this scenario, the USFWS should ensure that those people who originally allow cats to become feral are cited by their local jurisdictions for that infraction. Human population is increasing beyond the Earth's carrying capacity which poses a serious conservation issue for wildlife. Humans and their domestic cats should practice family planning. It is only fair to the birds and other wildlife that they be free from harassment by both humans and cats. 

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