Aug 24, 2010


Radioactive boar exist twenty years after Chernobyl. Bluefin tuna breeding areas have been impacted by the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster (see post by Carl Safina). Twenty years from now, tuna will show signs of damage from the oil disaster. Effects will be long-term and dire for many species.

Radioactive Boar on the rise in Germany
Germany is struggling to manage a rapidly growing population of wild boar that contains many animals exhibiting high levels of radioactive contamination left over from the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. Wild boar, eaten widely across Germany, have a fondness for mushrooms and truffles -- both of which are particularly adept at absorbing radioactive particles. The German government has been paying hunters compensation for meat unfit for consumption. Der Spiegel (Germany) (English online version) (7/30) Read more...