Sep 18, 2010


Parrot was a beloved dog who had been rescued from a Baltimore shelter by Lucky Dog Animal Rescue and was a candidate for adoption. He was attached and shot dead by a policeman September 12th, 2010 at a festival in Washington, D.C.  "Per the Petition at, "According to witnesses and photographs, the officer pinned Parrot to the ground with his knee, then hurled him down a concrete stairwell, and finally pulled out his weapon and shot him."

I signed the Petition demanding Justice for Parrot at:

Parrot R.I.P.
Please click and note the descriptions of the incident at: An Update On Parrot 

There is a blog where people can read about and share their memories of Parrot:

There is a Parrot Fund set up in his memory to the benefit of future "bully breed" dogs: