May 8, 2011



Tonight May 8th on PBS television is the  first in a 3-part series showing bear conservationists filming Alaska bears. Read more in the following linked news story about this project featuring Chris Morgan and Joe Pontecorvo and among others, a mother bear named Nadie and her two adorable cubs. There is a video preview in the news story as well. The book is available, and the DVD will be released on June 28th although available as a pre-order from now.
"Bears of the Last Frontier," a three-part special, will air on three consecutive Sundays, beginning May 8, at 8 p.m. on KCTS Channel 9. The PBS Nature show features Bellingham resident Chris Morgan, an ecologist specializing in bear conservation.
After their broadcast, the shows will stream at There also will be two live chats with Morgan, the shows' host, on May 8, and an interactive map that can be accessed through the website.
The series is shot by Joe Pontecorvo, a Seattle cinematographer.
Morgan also has a companion book that follows the more than 3,000-mile journey he took from the Alaska Peninsula in the south to the Arctic in the north for the special. "Bears of the Last Frontier: the Adventure of a Lifetime Among Alaska's Black, Grizzly, and Polar Bears" is a hardcover that sells for $35.