Jul 17, 2011


The Wilderness Society is wonderful. I wish everyone cherished their backyard like Kai Hagan does.

From: The Wilderness Society <action@tws.org>
Date: Sun, Jul 17, 2011 at 6:00 AM
Subject: Where the paved road ends

Dear Liz,
kai family picKai Hagan's childhood wilderness inspiration -- the Catoctin Mountains -- fuels his passion championing local environmental causes. Find out where the paved road ends and Kai's wilderness begins. Watch now.
Kai Hagan was an urban DC city kid who relished childhood outings to his grandparents cabin in the Catoctin Mountains nearby. His adventures then are what fuel his passion for protecting local wild places now.
A former county commissioner, Kai has taken his childhood epiphanies about the importance of wild places and translated them into his life's work advocating against urban sprawl and connecting local communities to the wilderness in their own backyards.
Kai is one of the faces of my wilderness, a national public awareness campaign, which is aimed at reconnecting all Americans with the wild places they love so that they come together to protect them.
Find out where the paved road ends and Kai's wilderness begins. Watch this short feature now.
Thank you for being a part of this important movement of wilderness enthusiasts.
Jennifer Stephens
The Wilderness Society

my wilderness
The Wilderness Society
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