Jan 18, 2012


From Center for Biological Diversity:
"It’s estimated that to date white-nose syndrome has killed more than 1 million bats in North America.
Although its exact origins are unclear, there’s strong evidence that white-nose syndrome was originally transported from Europe, where the fungus exists but does not kill bats. The syndrome was first discovered in North America in a cave frequently visited by people in upstate New York in February 2006. Because bats do not travel between Europe and North America, this provides compelling evidence that the fungus was introduced to the Northeast by cavers travelling between continents.
The fungus is passed from one bat to another, but it also likely spreads when people inadvertently carry it from one cave to another on their shoes, clothes or equipment."

From Care2:
"The outbreak is the worst wildlife disease epidemic in North America’s history. Congress recently directed the Department of the Interior to allot $4 million for research and management of the disease."

Click here to see Save Our Bats page where it says:
We need your help to:
  • pressure Congress to finally provide $10.8 million in research money to find the best ways to stop this disease;
  • pass the Wildlife Disease Emergency Act; and
  • persuade state and federal land managers to block all but the most essential human travel into caves and abandoned mines, especially those in the West, where the disease has yet to gain a foothold.