Jun 1, 2012


This story about severing the rats' backs was also on NPR today. The interviewer Ira Plato did not once refer to the sadism of these (flawed) experiments. The scientist being interviewed said that the rats' therapy included being "induced" to get themselves to chocolate and cheese, and some "control" rats were not "induced" with any chocolate or cheese and their backs did not heal as well as the induced rats' backs. Probably they were induced to struggle towards the treats  because they were deprived of food, but this of course was not mentioned. I tweeted to Ira Plato (@scifri) that since this was "Science Friday" he should have Compassion Saturday and that it is shocking that NPR supports this evil. People like Ira Plato and the Big Cheese Professor from NYU he interviewed are sadly among the multitudes who have lost their humanity. The following link is from a 31 May 2012 edition of  www.dailymail.co.uk

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Paralysed patients may get revolutionary treatment after rats with severed spinal cords taught to sprint again after just TWO WEEKS

Using a cocktail of drugs and electrical impulses, researchers in Switzerland were able to 'regrow' nerves linking the spinal cord and the brain.

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