Sep 7, 2012

East Kalimantan, Indonesia & Van Nuys CA: Orangutan Trio Found in Forest

To view the article in The Jakarta Globe, please click on link:
Orangutan Trio Found in Forest | The Jakarta Globe

If you are not already doing all you choose to do for the Orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus) and you are moved by that tragic article to help those Orangutans who still remain, please read further (below are some informative links) or run in the Save the Orangutans 5K Run for Survival in Van Nuys CA on Sunday 9/16.

See the IUCN page about this species being on the RED LIST and ENDANGERED:

Per the IUCN page, "The Bornean orangutan is a fully protected species in both Malaysia and Indonesia legislation. This species is listed on Appendix I of CITES."

See magazine article describing some of what Las Vegas Volunteer Rebecca Reeder does for the Orangutans:

Van Nuys CA: Sunday September 16, 2012. You can run in or sponsor the Save the Orangutans 5K Run for Survival:

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