Nov 3, 2012

Seattle WA: Please sign petition. Octopus kill at Cove 2 dive spot in Alki sparks outrage

11/4 update:
This story has also been aptly covered in a DailyMail article
I signed the petition re saving Giant Pacific Octopus
Please go to Rapture of the Deep

11/3 POST:
Click for the Nov 2, 2012 Seattle Times article:
Octopus kill at Cove 2 dive spot in Alki sparks outrage | Field Notes | The Seattle Times

An octopus should be admired and left alone wherever it is. Of course Cove 2 should be a protected area, but they should be protected wherever they are.

Besides the good reporting in this article, note in the comments section the point made at Nov 2, 3:53 PM by alex delarge:
For those who haven't been following this story as closely, this kid published his fondness for animal torture on both Facebook (before making his site private) and Myspace. On the former he posted pics of and boasted about the octopus killing, playing soccer with a porcupine and putting a firecracker in a snake's mouth and lighting it (though he claimed it was already dead, it's disturbing nonetheless). On the latter website he posted a video of him butchering and playing with the carcass of a cow that had just recently died (a matter of 10 minutes or so). To me this is a rather disturbing trend of behavior.
Photo: taken by a NOAA employee in 2004 of a Pacific Giant Octopus - See

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