Nov 12, 2012

World: Now South Korea wants to kill whales! Please sign petition to Prime Minister!!!

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From: Phil Kline, Greenpeace <>
Date: Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 3:00 AM
Subject: Now South Korea wants to kill whales

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The South Korean government is considering a proposal on December 3 to start its own 'scientific' whaling program

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Tell the Prime Minister of South Korea that there is no place for the needless slaughter of whales.

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South Korea's name might be added to the short list of countries who needlessly slaughter whales.

On December 3, the South Korean government will consider a proposal to establish a 'scientific' whaling program. If they do, the first harpoons could be fired in less than six months. It's up to us to make sure that doesn't happen.

Tell the Prime Minister of South Korea that there is no place for the needless slaughter of whales in the 21st century and to block his country's plans to establish a 'scientific' whaling program.

South Korea first announced plans to start a 'scientific' whaling program of its own in July at the International Whaling Commission (IWC). The plan was strongly opposed by the anti-whaling nations, but it was supported by pro-whaling countries like Iceland, Norway and Japan.

A media storm followed the announcement with thousands of critical articles appearing all over the world. Soon there were reports that South Korea had changed its mind. The reports were wrong.

Backed by what remains of its old whaling industry and countries like Japan, South Korea's fisheries ministry is pushing hard to resume whaling. But this is the Prime Minister's call and government sources have indicated that "other issues" will be considered before making the decision. That means global political pressure.

We only have three weeks to generate enough global public outcry to stop South Korea's plans to resume commercial whaling. Help us send 45,000 messages to the Prime Minister by December 3 and take action today.

Greenpeace and other organizations have been working hard to transform the IWC and end whaling once and for all. We've made a lot of progress — winning reforms that make it harder for countries like Japan to buy votes and pushing to create a whale sanctuary in the Southern Atlantic.

However, if South Korea starts a 'scientific' whaling program, the IWC has no power to stop it. The time to stop this plan is now. We have people working in South Korea, but they need your support. Let's not allow South Korea to take us backwards.

Tell the Prime Minister of South Korea to say 'no' to whaling.

For the whales,

Phil Kline
Greenpeace Senior Oceans Campaigner
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