Dec 19, 2012

Arctic & beyond: There will be a Shell spill

There will be Spill Hell if Shell drills in the Arctic.

From: Philip Radford, Greenpeace <>
Date: Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 3:06 AM
Subject: There will be a spill

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Dear Liz,
Shell's oil spill response plans are completely inadequate. But the government gave them the green light anyway.

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We're challenging the decision in court but need your help. We hit our first goal so now we're raising to $150,000! Make a gift by December 31 to keep up the fight on this and other issues to protect the environment.

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If Shell drills in the Arctic, there will be a spill. It's that simple.

And when it happens, the fate of the polar bears that call it home and possibly the entire Arctic Ocean ecosystem will depend on Shell's oil spill response plans.

Unfortunately, the government decided to rely on Shell's unbelievable assumptions instead of doing actual research and gave its completely inadequate plans the green light. That's why Greenpeace along with a coalition of groups is challenging the decision in court and speaking up for polar bears.

We've already surpassed our first goal of $100,000- thank you! Please make a year-end gift today and help us hit our new goal of $150,000 by midnight December 31 to continue fighting Shell's inadequate oil spill response plans. We need just 208 donors from Washington to hit our new goal.

Shell hopes to be back in the Arctic to try and drill again next summer. We have to stop that from happening.

U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar told the media people shouldn't worry about it. Saying that "there is not going to be an oil spill," and that even if there was Shell could clean up 90% of it. Not even Shell agrees with that statement.

A Shell spokesperson admitted as much this summer: "Because the on-scene conditions can be so variable, it would be rather ridiculous of us to make any kind of performance guarantee." We're going to be doing everything we can to get Shell's permits suspended and prevent it from drilling in the Arctic. But we need your support to keep up the fight.

The Arctic needs a voice. Please make an urgent donation by our midnight December 31 deadline to help save the Arctic and support all the work we do to protect the environment. Just 208 more gifts from Washington will ensure that we reach our new goal to raise $150,000 by the end of the year.

Shell keeps launching lawsuits against us in the hope that at some point we will simply give up. But we're not backing down from Shell or its attempts to silence those who oppose its plans to drill in the Arctic. In fact, we just recently we won a legal victory in the Netherlands where Shell was seeking a far-reaching injunction against Greenpeace and supporters like you.

We will continue to oppose Arctic drilling peacefully and passionately across the world. In 2013, we'll be aiming to mobilize five million people to stand up for a global sanctuary in the high Arctic and continuing our creative campaigning and volunteer engagement around the globe. Together we can toughen regulations around drilling in this pristine environment and protect the Arctic once and for all.

Please make a year-end gift today to help us keep up the fight to save the Arctic and ensure that we reach our goal to raise $150,000 by December 31.

Your support today makes all of our campaigns possible. Drilling in the pristine Arctic will never be safe. Let's make sure a spill never happens.

Thanks for all you do,

Philip Radford
Greenpeace USA Executive Director

P.S. We need just 208 more supporters from Washington to reach $150,000 goal before December 31. Make your urgent year-end gift on our secure website or at 1-800-722-6995 today and help us keep up the fight to get Shell's permits to drill in the Arctic suspended.
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