Dec 8, 2013

World: "How to Stop the Illegal Wildlife Trade from Funding Terrorist Groups" Scientific American

So many people are involved - in China, Vietnam, USA, Kenya, Somali, Uganda, Central African Republic and on and on. Elephants and Rhinos are suffering terribly from cruel brutality and being killed. Their populations are dwindling. The huge number of nations involved, the many international gangs of criminals being supported by the trade, the millions or billions of dollars exchanged in all this illegal trade is astronomical. The $10 million that President Obama promised this year to dedicate to the poaching problem in Africa is nice but tiny compared to the significance of the illegal trade and the expenses needed to fight it. Please share the following Scientific American article:
How to Stop the Illegal Wildlife Trade from Funding Terrorist Groups: Scientific American
Artwork by Ashley Mackenzie expressly for this Scientific American article
...some U.S. policies continue to contribute to the trade. They must end.
The U.S. is the second-largest market for ivory, among other illegal wildlife products, thanks in part to legal loopholes that allow the trade of ivory depending on how old it is and what kind of elephant it comes from. Because it is practically impossible to distinguish old ivory from new and African ivory from Asian, however, criminals can exploit the legal market to launder illegal ivory. The U.S. should ban the trade of all ivory.

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