Jan 11, 2014

Roswell NM: Recommendation to deny sewage permit at horse slaughter plant

If troublesome companies commit violations in any area, it can help to shut them down if their antagonists research, act and follow up. Whether they violate employment laws, tax laws, solid waste laws or other rules and regulations, it could add obstacles to their continued existence. 

See Cheryl Hanna's Examiner articles on the important, dreadful topic of a horse slaughter plant in New Mexico:
Recommendation to deny sewage permit at New Mexico horse slaughter plant - National Pet Rescue | Examiner.com
Excerpt: "Horse meat is not sold in the United States. Valley Meat Co. will be shipping horse meat to other countries for human consumption. The last horse slaughter plant in the United States closed in 2007. In 2011, federal funding for horse slaughter house inspectors was reinstated; since then the controversy over horse slaughter in the US has continued to escalate with humane organizations fighting to keep the plants closed."

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