Feb 23, 2014

Universal: Barking mad | The Augusta Chronicle

I so agree. Chaining and isolating dogs outside is heartless to the dogs - of course they will bark. And it is heartless to the neighbors who hear the cries.  See the referenced site BarkingDogs.net.  Please note and share the editorial by The Augusta Chronicle: 

"For the life of us, we don’t have one earthly clue why dog owners would be so inconsiderate as to let their dogs go on like they do. It’s rude and thoughtless and, frankly, low class. And, as full of holes as the laws are, allowing dogs to bark ad infinitum is, inarguably, against the law."

Barking dogs have become an increasing problem in Augusta's Harrisburg community. Fact is, almost everyone has a story to tell about a bothersome loud dog.

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