Feb 18, 2014

USA: Video. Pierce Brosnan says, "Join me in opposing the Navy's assault on whales."

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel (source: RogDel)
From: Pierce Brosnan - NRDC <biogemsdefenders@savebiogems.org>
Date: Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 8:06 AM
Subject: Join me in opposing the Navy's assault on whales

NRDC -- Save Whales from Navy Sonar
"There's no excuse for more whales to suffer and die during Navy training."
— Pierce Brosnan
Pierce Brosnan Video
Watch my new one-minute video about the Navy's plan for training with sonar and explosives -- then join me in demanding safeguards that will protect our planet's whales!
Dear Liz,
Big news: NRDC has just filed suit in federal court to stop a reckless Navy plan for training with sonar and explosives that could maim or kill thousands of marine mammals over the next five years.
While NRDC fights in court, I'm committed to helping them increase public pressure on the United States Navy to end this senseless assault on whales. To kick off this vital campaign, I've recorded a new one-minute video especially for BioGems Defenders like you.
Please watch the video right now. Then join me in telling Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to put safeguards in place that will protect marine mammals during routine Navy training.
The scope of the Navy's plans is simply staggering. It threatens entire populations of marine wildlife off the East Coast, Southern California, Hawaii and the Gulf Coast.
The Navy's mid-frequency sonar will bombard whales with noise so intense -- up to 236 decibels -- it can actually cause their internal organs to hemorrhage.
Navy ships will also conduct torpedo tests, bombing exercises and underwater explosions -- some 1.1 million of these events overall. That's an average of one detonation every two minutes for the next five years ... many of them in and around sensitive whale habitat where the animals mate and feed.
As a direct result, nearly 1,000 marine mammals could die. There will be more than 13,000 serious injuries -- including permanent hearing loss and lung damage. And that's according to the Navy's own numbers!
All in all, the Navy expects its ships to harass or harm these intelligent creatures tens of millions of times. Such numbers are simply unconscionable.
So it's all the more distressing that the Navy refuses to put commonsense measures in place that could protect whales -- like avoiding key habitats where whales are known to migrate and raise their young.
Make no mistake: taking such precautions during routine training would not compromise our national security or military readiness.
There's just no excuse for more whales to suffer and die during routine training. But it's up to us to make our voices heard loud and clear at the Pentagon.
Please watch my video and call on Secretary Hagel to save our planet's marine mammals from the tragic impacts of training with sonar and explosives.
Time is of the essence. The Navy's plan will take a terrible toll on marine mammals for five long years. Please join me in speaking out today, for the sake of whales everywhere.
Pierce Brosnan
Pierce Brosnan
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