Mar 8, 2014

Long Island, NY: Victory for Deer and Amazing Rally for Lions and Elephants!

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Date: Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 10:28 AM
Subject: 4. Updates: Long Island, NY: Vigil for Deer Saturday 3/8 and legal action update
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Updates: Victory for Deer and Amazing Rally for Lions and Elephants!

VICTORY!  Earlier today a judge granted a temporary restraining order against the D.E.C., barring them from issuing any more deer permits
until the end of March,  when another court hearing is scheduled!

"Opponents of the cull argued in court that the DEC should have done an environmental study before issuing the permits.

New York Supreme Court Justice Joseph C. Teresi in Albany County found that opponents 'are likely to succeed on the merits of these claims" and that "immediate
and irreparable injury will ensue" if the cull moved forward." (via Newsday)

Please continue to help fund our Young/Sommer lawsuit by
donating and sharing
With YOUR help, we WILL stop this cull!


Best wishes,
John Di Leonardo
President, LION
MS, Anthrozoology
Twitter/Instagram: LIONS4Mercy

Last night was the largest circus demo we've ever had at the Coliseum, and the least visitors we've ever seen attend!  Thank you to all who've come out.
There are more dates ahead so please help us keep the pressure on as lions, tigers, and elephants still need your help too!

Help us create a more humane Long Island.