Mar 4, 2014

USA & World: Chickens Raised for Meat - Standards and Practices

Show Congress You Care About These Birds and Urge Your Representatives to Join You

Esperanza: Story of a Rescued Broiler Chicken


Chickens Raised for Meat: Standards and Practices - (graphic photos)

The purpose of a humane slaughter law is to codify obligations already accepted by society. The absence of a law to protect poultry conveys the false notion to the public, and to those who work directly with poultry, that these birds do not suffer, or that their suffering does not matter, and that humans have no merciful obligation to birds. Please contact your Members of Congress (your two Senators and your House Representative) and urge them to sponsor and support humane slaughter legislation that covers poultry the same as mammals. The most effective letter is a personal one. It should be concise, informed, and polite. To learn your Members of Congress call the Capital Switchboard: 202-224-3121. Or visit or - See more at: