Apr 22, 2014

World: I signed. A breaking undercover investigation re cruelty at factory farms

Heartbreaking! Mercy for Animals Investigation Exposes Cruelty to Baby Calves at Veal Factory Farm

A breaking undercover investigation by Mercy For Animals Canada reveals heartbreaking cruelty to baby calves at one of the largest veal producers in North America.
While working undercover, the investigator documented:
  • Workers violently kicking, punching, and throwing baby animals
  • Calves crammed into feces-covered wooden boxes barely larger than their own bodies, often chained by the neck, unable to even turn around or lie down comfortably for their entire lives
  • Animals painfully stuck in the wooden slats of their crates
  • Sick and injured animals left to suffer and slowly die in their own filth without proper veterinary care
Calves are highly intelligent and social animals who deserve better than a life of intensive confinement on a factory farm. In nature, these calves would be nursing from their mothers, frolicking in the sun, and playing with other calves. On veal factory farms like this, baby calves are deprived of everything that makes life even remotely worth living.
Veal crates are recognized as inherently so cruel they have been banned in eight U.S. states, Australia, New Zealand, and the entire European Union. Ohio banned the use of veal crates following another investigation by Mercy For Animals in 2010 at Buckeye Veal Farm. That MFA investigation also led Costco Wholesale, the third-largest grocery chain in America, to adopt a policy against purchasing veal from calves confined in crates.
Mercy For Animals is now calling on the Retail Council of Canada, which represents all of the major grocery chains in the country, to implement a new policy that prohibits the cruel confinement of calves in restrictive veal crates for all of its member grocery supply chains — a policy already supported by Costco, Metro, and Sobeys.
Please click here to sign the petition. Then, share the undercover investigation with friends, family, and colleagues and encourage them to take action as well.
And after you have asked the Retail Council to take a stand against this blatant animal abuse, please consider further helping calves and other farmed animals by exploring a diet free of eggs, dairy, and meat.
Nathan Runkle
Executive Director
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