Jul 12, 2014

Cley Marshes UK: BBC News: "Geese caused fatal USAF helicopter crash in Cley, report says"

There was a crash in January 2014 in which four USA military men died. Obviously this was very sad. See follow-up article dated July 9, 2014 here:
Richard Kelham, chairman of Cley Parish Council, said residents had long-held concerns over low-flying helicopters over the marsh, which is a Norfolk Wildlife Trust reserve."These findings strengthen our hand in the argument against low flying over nature reserves," Mr Kelham said.
"It is inherently dangerous to fly low over an area with a lot of birds and hopefully lessons can be learned from this tragedy."
'In his report on the crash, Brig Gen Jon Norman said: "A flock of geese took flight from Cley Marshes, likely startled by the noise of the approaching helicopters, and struck the (helicopter)."At least three geese penetrated the windscreen."'