Aug 7, 2014

British Columbia, Canada: Video. Imperial Metals Corporation causes mine tailings pond breach following years of government warnings

Slow, negligent, defiant mining company ( Corporation will likely be causing huge tragic harm to multitudes of people and wildlife even as far as Pacific ocean for years to come. This is obvious cruelty to people and non-human animals. Click on following link for news report at CBC.CA:
Mount Polley mine tailings pond breach followed years of government warnings - British Columbia - CBC News

"The breach of the tailings pond dam at the copper and gold mine released 10 billion litres of water and 4.5 million cubic metres of metals-laden fine sand, contaminating several lakes, creeks and rivers in the Cariboo region on Monday. (Cariboo Regional District/Facebook)"

Updates and more photos at:
WED AUG 06, 2014 AT 04:03 PM PDT

Massive Toxic sludge spilled into pristine wilderness

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