Aug 19, 2014

Earth: Daily AR Headlines from Their Turn

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Date: Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 4:05 PM
Subject: Their Turn: Daily AR Headlines
Their Turn: Daily AR Headlines
American Humane Association  Endorses Larger Orca Tanks at SeaWorld
Are you sitting down? SeaWorld's proposal for larger orca tanks has received a stamp of approval from the American Humane Association (AHA). If the AHA were being true to its mission, then it would block the construction of the tanks, not oversee it. Read more.
Update: Activists  Buy Full Page Ads To Shut Down iPad-Wearing Tortoise Exhibit
Animal rights activists have taken out ads in the Aspen Times asking people to boycott the Aspen Art Museum until it removes the "exhibit" of tortoises wandering around an enclosure with iPads affixed to their shells. Will the ads reduce attendance or trigger more interest? Read more.
Senator Attempts to  Disguise Ag Gag Bill as "Animal Protection"
After recent undercover investigations cast a negative light on Australia's wool and pork industries, a Senator is introducing an "animal protection" bill that would criminalize the taking video of "a legally operating enterprise" and require activists to turn over their video to authorities. Read more.
Should We Be Worried about SeaWorld's Larger Tanks?
After SeaWorld's stock price took a plunge last week, the company announced that it is enlarging the orca tanks at three of its parks. But, with the whole world watching, could bigger tanks really enable Sea World to continue holding whales captive? Read more.
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