Aug 23, 2014

North of Port Hardy, British Columbia, CANADA: GOOD NEWS! Orca untangled from terrifying entanglement in gill net

As seen first in 8/23/14 edition of Marine Mammal Daily. Please share for awareness and maybe sharing will prevent a future entanglement. 
I103 resting with her family 2 hours after the entanglement (2nd whale from left). 
Photo: Jackie Hildering & Christie McMillan of MERS. Click here to see FB photo/thread.

Her family was frantic. Thank goodness this incident resolved well. Always call to report marine mammals in distress and to get help.

  • USA 1-800-853-1964 NOAA Fisheries, Office for Law Enforcement
  • CANADA 1-800-465-4336 Fisheries and Oceans