Nov 9, 2014

Berlin, Germany: Tragedy of 8,000 balloon release 11/9 :-(

I wish there would be no release of balloons. Please see the facts re so-called biodegradeable balloons at Balloon enthusiasts are just helping balloon business - including Google (see Ads by Google) - to profit. They are harming the planet in doing so.

Excerpt from article at the
Berliners and the world at large have been sharing remarkable pictures taken from the air of their new wall, a nine-mile line of 8,000 illuminated white helium balloons. The installation, by artist Christopher Bauder and his film-maker brother Marc, traces the old border between east and west. Tomorrow evening, during a concert at the Brandenburg Gate, the biodegradeable balloons will be released into the air and, once again, the wall will disappear.