Dec 14, 2014

Katy TX: Pelican Update 12-11-14 72 injured pelicans in our hospital

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Date: December 12, 2014 at 7:15:03 AM CST
Subject: Pelican Update 12-11-14  72 injured pelicans in our hospital

Morning All,  The Wildlife Center of Texas could use your help.  If so inclined, please do what you can, see below.  Thank you all for reading.  (I volunteer for WCT 2 mornings a week and can vouch for the dedication, caring, knowledge of vets, auxiliary staff and time spent in rescue, eval, patient care and release) 
Pelican Update December 11, 2014
As of 7:00 pm December 11th we have received 72 brown pelicans in a 4 day periodAll of the pelicans have external hooks on them (beaks, pouch, feet, leg, wing ,eye etc) and many have internal hooks (see our facebook posting of the radio graph).  We are trying to reach the hooks but it looks like some of the pelicans will have to undergo surgery.  The birds are extremely emaciated and full of parasites.
I appreciate those of you who have signed up for shifts.  We had a good crew today and got a lot accomplished.  We had volunteers who dropped in to unfold papers and that is a big help that saves the people cleaning the pelican cages tons of time.  The busiest shift is the 7:00 AM -10:00 AM shift because that is usually the time the cages are cleaned  and birds are fed fish or tubed (this is a great time to get experience working with these big water birds).  Please sign up for shifts and if you can't figure out how to sign up let me know.  The shifts will auto lock when we have enough volunteers for that particular shift.
We may need some drivers to go to Galveston to pick up birds that would already be in boxes.  If you think you could do this please let me know for example:
Linda Smith-Friday or Monday only any time between 7:00 AM-6:00 PM (cell phone #) fit 8 boxes
That way if we still have some of the birds coming in the next week we would have drivers to get the birds. If I can have dates from now until next Wednesday that should be enough and then we can reassess. Remember the boxes will be big enough to fit a pelican in.
Don't forget the Wildlife Center of Texas this Christmas as adult family, friends and co-workers talk about what to get each other for the holidays.  Suggest a donation to the center because it will help  all our injured young pelicans.  The pelicans have required us to use many supplies, medicines, wound management materials, food, etc.  So a donation will help replenish our supplies and provide care for the pelicans.
Waiting to see what tomorrow brings.  I will keep you all posted.

Margaret Pickell
Operations Manager
Wildlife Center of Texas