Jan 5, 2015

Anywhere: PLEASE WRITE TO HELP THE ANIMALS! East Hampton Town Board (Long Island, NY) allows weekday and weekend hunting Jan 4-31, 2015! Pls send protest emails!

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Date: Jan 4, 2015 5:12 PM
Subject: pLEASE wRITE TO HELP THE ANIMALS!: Long Island, NY: East Hampton Town Bd allows weekend hunting!!! Pls send protest emails!
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East Hampton Town Bd allows weekend hunting!!! Pls send protest emails!


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  • Send emails protesting weekend hunting to East Hampton Town Board (addresses below); send letters to the Editor, East Hampton Star: letters@easthamptonstar.com
  • Attend Town Board Meetings and speak out! Town Hall Conference Room 159 Pantigo Road East Hampton, NY 11937 
Jan 6, 2015 11:00 AM: East Hampton Town Board - Work Session Meeting
Jan 15, 2015 6:30 PM: East Hampton Town Board - Regular Meeting

MARK YOUR CALENDAR AND SAVE THE DATE! : Saturday, January 11th, 2015 at 1:00PM Rally and Educational Demonstration (more info to follow)


Subject: East Hampton Group for Wildlife
I'm afraid I have upsetting news. As you know, the DEC, after hearing from the public, decided to prohibit weekend deer hunting on state managed-land in our area. The Town Board had indicated it would go along with the DEC. But last week the town misread the DEC's website and decided to allow weekend shotgun hunting on its own, town-managed land. I've been arguing with the Town Board. I've pointed out that it never took a public vote to change its town codes to allow weekend hunting. But the board doesn't seem ready to budge at all.

If we cannot stop the town, who will suffer? One group is the deer, who are likely to die in greater numbers. In addition, many residents won't be able to enjoy weekend walks in the woods and experience the special peace of nature in winter. And, because the town board didn't hold a public vote prior to its decision, a major victim is democratic decision-making.-
Back up information:
On August 12, Governor Cuomo signed a new State law opened the possibility of weekend hunting during January firearms seasons in Suffolk County. The state law only made weekend hunting an option; various government agencies were responsible for the final decisions. East Hampton's Deer Management Advisory Committee indicated that our town would follow the lead of the State Department of Environmental Conservation (D.E.C.), and the town board seemed comfortable with this line of action. On December 23, after the public comment period, the D.E.C. announced that it would prohibit weekend hunting this January on state-managed land in East Hampton (see below). But the D.E.C.'s decision wasn't sufficiently clear to our town; the town went ahead and opened town-owned areas to weekend shotgun hunting. And it did so without voting to change its codes.
Who suffers?
Please send emails to Town Board members protesting weekend hunting on town-managed land. Even the DEC decided to prohibit weekend hunting on state-managed land in our area. (info below)

     East Hampton Town Supervisor   Larry Cantwell   LCantwell@easthamptonny.gov

   East Hampton Town Council Members
   Peter VanScoyoc    PVanScoyoc@EHamptonNY.Gov
   Sylvia Overby        SOverby@EHamptonNY.Gov
   Kathee Burke-Gonzalez  KBurke-Gonzalez@ehamptonny.gov      
   Fred Overton    FOverton@ehamptonny.gov

 DEC Press Release, December 23, 2014, "Special Hunting Seasons Expanded in Suffolk County" http://www.dec.ny.gov/press/100105.html Excerpt (see last sentence):
"Hunters who wish to hunt on state-managed lands in Suffolk County will be able to take advantage of the expanded special firearms deer season as well the extended archery season. The following state managed properties will be open for shotgun deer hunting from January 4-January 31; Rocky Point Natural Resources Management Area, Westhampton Dwarf Pine Plains Preserve, Henrys Hollow Pine Barrens State Forest, Barcelona Neck Cooperative Hunting Area, David Sarnoff Cooperative Hunting Area and the Otis Pike Preserve. The East Hampton Cooperative Area and Noyac (part of the Southampton Cooperative Areas) will be open for firearms deer hunting from January 5 - 31; weekdays only.