May 4, 2015

PACIFIC NORTHWEST USA & BEYOND: Today May 4th is the last day to Tell the City of Vancouver WA "No More Oil Exports"

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From: "Marcie Keever, Friends of the Earth" <>
Date: May 2, 2015 7:54 AM
Subject: Tell the City of Vancouver: No more oil exports
Tell the City of Vancouver: Keep crude oil out of our communities!
Dear Liz,
The Pacific Northwest is under pressure to begin a massive new oil infrastructure project at the Tesoro-Savage oil terminal in Vancouver, WA. It would be the largest proposed crude-by-rail terminal in the nation. Now, a second proposal by NuStar Energy would bring even more crude oil by rail through Vancouver and out the Columbia River -- putting our environment and our communities at risk.
So far, we've been fighting back strong against the Tesoro-Savage terminal. Now, it's time to take the fight to NuStar Energy -- but we need your help!
Tell the City of Vancouver to deny NuStar Energy's proposal and keep crude oil out of our communities!
The NuStar Energy proposal would be a terrible deal for people in the Pacific Northwest and for the planet.
It would increase the risk of dangerous oil spills and oil train accidents, including derailments, explosions, and fires. It would threaten our drinking water and the wild salmon in the Columbia River. And it would open up our states to even more fossil fuel development -- moving us further away from preventing climate chaos.
The evidence is clear that this project would be all risk and no reward. The City of Vancouver is accepting public through May 4th, so we have to act fast if we want to stop it!
Take action now: Fight back against more oil-by-rail development in the Pacific Northwest!
But this isn't just about one plan to transport more oil through our region. It's about protecting the lands and waters that belong to all of us -- not just the fossil fuel companies that stand to make money from putting them at risk. And it's about putting an end to unsustainable fossil fuel development so that we can prevent the worst impacts of climate change.
If we can stop this new oil train terminal, we can impede Big Oil's efforts to drill for more oil for export throughout our region. If we can stop the exports, that means more fossil fuels are kept in the ground -- and it helps build the momentum for clean, safe, renewable energy.
But if we want to stop NuStar's proposal, we have to turn up the heat on the City of Vancouver.
Submit a comment: Fight back against oil development in our communities!
Marcie Keever and Fred Felleman,
Oceans and vessels program,
Friends of the Earth

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