Nov 20, 2015

World: Event 11/28-29 March for Peace and the Climate | Greenpeace Canada

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From: "Farrah Khan, Greenpeace Canada" <>
Date: Nov 19, 2015 4:12 PM
Subject: March for peace and the climate.

Dear Liz
In the wake of last Friday's horrific attacks in Paris, the French authorities have cancelled the climate marches and demonstrations that were planned to take place during the UN Climate Conference.
But the Global Climate March — a worldwide day of action scheduled for November 29th — will proceed, no matter what.
Following such dreadful violence and terror, we believe this movement can act as an important beacon of hope for a more peaceful world.
Now is the time to act, because keeping the world below a safe 2 degree temperature rise is as important for global security as it is for the health of our planet as a whole.
Will you join us and be part of what could be the biggest climate action the world has ever seen? Find the event nearest to you.
On November 29, on the eve of the UN climate summit in Paris, we will march together across Canada to send a clear message to our newly elected government that climate action is a top priority for Canadians.
Nothing short of a 100% clean economy by 2050 will solve the climate crisis, so this must be our goal. Thousands will be marching, from faith communities, to business, government, unions, students, and more, to stand united for a clean, renewable economy and a more peaceful world.
Let's make this the biggest climate action the world has ever seen, and send a powerful message of hope for our climate in these darkest of times.
Can we count on you to join us? Join your nearest event now.
Farrah Khan
Climate Campaigner, Greenpeace Canada
P.S. Not everyone can afford the cost of a bus trip to get to these marches. Can you chip in with a donation to help as many people as possible to attend?

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