Dec 22, 2015

La Jolla CA: 2016 Harbor Seal Pupping Season Is Here! | Seal Conservancy

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Date: Dec 21, 2015 6:07 AM
Subject: 2016 Harbor Seal Pupping Season Is Here!

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December 21, 2015
Dear Liz,

Harbor seal pupping season has begun at Casa Beach!  Be sure to come to La Jolla to see the moms and their pups.  We expect 40 to 50 new pups to be born in 2016.  The majority of the newborn pups will arrive between February 8 and March 8.  If you're lucky, you might witness a birth! 

Casa Beach in La Jolla is the only NOAA-recognized mainland harbor seal rookery between the Mexican Border and Ventura, 160 miles to the north. It is very rare for harbor seals to choose an urbanized setting for their home.  Casa Beach offers a unique opportunity to view these beautiful marine mammals, undisturbed in their natural habitat during pupping season.

There is no beach access allowed during harbor seal pupping season (December 15 to May 15) in order to protect the moms and pups when they are most vulnerable.   You can watch the pregnant seals and their newborn pups from the mid-landing behind the chain, from the sidewalk above Casa Beach, or from the sea wall, if open.

The Seal Conservancy played a pivotal role supporting the City of San Diego in implementing the current seal protections.  The primary mission of the Seal Conservancy is to maintain these protections: the pupping season closure, and the viewing guideline rope after pupping season is over.  None of this could have happened without the help of our supporters.   We thank you, and hope to see each and every one of you enjoying Casa Beach during the 2016 pupping season. 

Jane Reldan, MD

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The mission of the Seal Conservancy is to preserve and protect the La Jolla harbor seal rookery for ecological, educational, scientific, historic, and scenic opportunities.

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