Aug 19, 2016

Earth: The Death of World Heritage Sites

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Date: Aug 18, 2016 5:13 AM
Subject: The death of World Heritage Sites

Welcome, Liz. Here are your top stories from Earthjustice.
The future of priceless World Heritage sites like the Great Barrier Reef depends on the immediate reduction of climate-change-inducing greenhouse-gas emissions, but many of the governments responsible for protecting these sites are failing to take strong climate action and are actively pursuing dirty energy projects. (TREETSTREET/iStock)
The Death of World Heritage Sites
Almost one-quarter of the coral in the Great Barrier Reef has died this year, in the worst mass coral bleaching in recorded history. Read More.
Wind turbines along the Lake Erie shoreline near Buffalo, New York. (Bruce MacQueen/Shutterstock)
5 Energy Victories That Have the Power to Transform Our Grid
Clean energy isn't a wave of the future—it's here, and it's now. Read more.
Native American and non-native youth recently completed an inter-tribal 500-mile relay run to deliver a petition demanding the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers deny permits for the Dakota Access Pipeline Project. (Mark Hefflinger/Bold Nebraska)
Shopping Malls Get More Environmental Review Than This Pipeline
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe fights massive crude oil pipeline. Court hearing set for August 24. Read more.
An old-growth forest and marbled murrelet habitat in Oregon, Coast Range, Coos Bay. (Photo courtesy of Frances Eatherington)
The Timber Industry vs. Old-Growth Habitat
Millions of acres of old-growth forest will remain protected for marbled murrelets in Washington, Oregon and California. Read more.
Pagan Island during the 1970s. (Photo courtesy of Cinta Kaipat)
Bombing the Hell out of a Tiny Pacific Island
Northern Marianas residents challenge destruction of their homeland by Navy live-fire plan. Read more.
Earthjustice Bilingual Press Secretary Betsy Lopez-Wagner and her son at the GreenLatinos 2016 National Summit. (Mike Greener for Earthjustice)
Harmony and Solidarity in Our National Parks
On August 25, the National Park Service turns 100. Here's how the GreenLatinos commemorated the occasion. Read more.

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"This is a victory for every person who breathes air."
— Earthjustice attorney James Pew on his recent victory forcing some of the worst polluters, industrial boilers, to clean up their act. Read more.
Read about this and other recent victories here »
Fight for pristine forests
Help save pristine roadless forests in Colorado and tell the Bureau of Land Management to stand up to oil and gas companies and protect the White River National Forest from illegal drilling.
Protect Mexican gray wolves from extinction
Only 97 Mexican gray wolves remain in the wild. Don't allow a narrow band of special interests to drive these wolves out of existence.
Help us win!
The FDA approved genetically engineered salmon for human consumption without protecting wild salmon or requiring consumer labeling. And now a new law prohibits states from labeling the fish. We need your help now more than ever to fight the approval of these salmon in court.
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