Dec 15, 2016

Canada, Mexico and beyond: Madness in Mexico (Graphic) (Take Action!) | Mercy for Animals

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Subject: Madness in Mexico

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Madness in Mexico
Narrated by Latin American star Eugenio Derbez, MFA's third investigative video from Mexico exposes extreme animal cruelty in government-owned slaughterhouses. Help us stop this. Take action.
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Hot off the Press!
The new issue of MFA's CL magazine is here! Read exclusive interviews, learn about delicious new vegan products, and get up-to-date on everything going on at MFA. Check it out.
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Transport Torture
Canada's new transport guidelines leave farmed animals to suffer unbearably. Let's push the Canadian government to do better and adopt meaningful reforms. Act now.
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Dazzling Dietitians
The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has come out strongly in favor of plant-based diets for both kids and adults, stating they reduce risk of health problems. Read on.
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Malignant Meat
Should meat come with a cancer warning? A food watchdog group says yes in a new petition to the USDA. Will meat be the new cigarette? Find out.
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Meat Without Murder
From beef and bacon to deli slices and sausages, we've compiled the best vegan meats that money can buy. Get all the taste without the torture. Go now.
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