Dec 3, 2016

Canadian waters and beyond: Canada must say no to pipelines | David Suzuki

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David Suzuki Foundation

Canada must say no to pipelines

(Credit: Trevor Leach)
Dear liz,
The federal government just approved the Kinder Morgan pipeline. It will:
  • Increase tanker traffic — by seven times
  • Push the already fragile population of 80 resident orcas on B.C.'s south coast to the brink of extinction
  • Increase greenhouse gas emissions by more than 100 million tonnes each year
  • Threaten the health of communities along B.C.'s coast
Oil spills will happen and research proves there is no technology to effectively clean them up.
This is a step backwards in the fight against climate change.
Please fight for climate action by making a donation today.
The federal government's decision doesn't make sense. We should be investing in renewable energy, not outdated fossil fuel projects.
Climate change is happening now and we cannot afford to delay action!
We need your support. Will you help?
YES — I want to fight for climate action!
Your gift will help end fossil fuel projects in Canada and increase investment in renewable energy by pushing for:
  • Strong national emissions-reduction targets
  • A nationwide price on carbon emissions
  • Investment in public transportation
It is only with your support that we will make Canada fossil-fuel-free.

Peter Robinson, CEO
The David Suzuki Foundation
P.S. Canada can still lead the way on climate change. Will you help lead the way and make a donation?
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