Dec 15, 2016

Earth: Support strong, united action to eliminate nuclear weapons

PSR Team at the UN

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Subject: Support strong, united action to eliminate nuclear weapons
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Physicians for Social Responsibility
Dear Liz,
PSR Team at the UNThese times call for strong, united action. PSR is broadening its collaboration network with others in both national and international spheres to abolish nuclear weapons.
Will you support PSR's New Leadership Challenge with a donation today? So much is at stake.
Nothing less than a transformational change in U.S. nuclear weapons policy will pave the way to true security. PSR is teaming up with Soka Gakkai International (a Buddhist organization) to plan a conference in Washington, DC on this topic. The meeting will be in April or May and will bring together high-profile figures, panels of medical, scientific, and policy experts, and leaders of the faith community.
We also support the U.N. treaty to ban nuclear weapons. In a stunning victory for PSR and our international partners, the U.N. First Committee voted on October 27 to begin negotiations in 2017 for a nuclear weapons ban treaty.
In preparation for the many ways we expect to work with the Trump administration, we'll convene three full-day classes to train individuals to become educators on the Humanitarian Impact Initiative.
We have an incredibly strong Security team, but they need your solid support. Thanks for standing with us, and for giving your most generous gift.
In health,

Renee Nida
Database Manager
PS We need new leaders in the fight against nuclear weapons. Please become part of our New Leadership Challenge by donating!
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