Dec 7, 2016

USA: Donate to Greenpeace

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Date: Dec 6, 2016 2:33 PM
Subject: Trump's gang of billionaires

Help fight Trump's cabinet of billionaire appointees and advisors who are enemies of democracy, equality, and the environment.

We can take them on.
Thanks to a matching gift from an anonymous group of supporters, your donation can be doubled!

Give today! 
$11 BILLION dollars.

That amount is the collective net worth of President-elect Trump's Cabinet — and he's only named about half of his advisers so far.1

Hearing that number, it's clear to me just how much the influence of money in politics will be alive and well under Trump's presidency — and it's horrifying. Each day brings fresh news of Trump stacking his cabinet with billionaire appointees and advisors who are enemies of democracy, equality, and the environment and who've spent their careers furthering their own agendas — not the people's:
  • Director of the CIA: Mike Pompeo, doesn't believe in climate change, but does like waterboarding.2
  • Secretary of the Treasury: Steven Mnuchin, former Goldman Sachs executive worth $46 million, who has deep ties to Wall Street, and once purchased a bailed-out bank for close to nothing and then foreclosed on tens of thousands of families.3
  • Secretary of Education: Betsy DeVos, worth $5.1 billion and was instrumental in passing the law that set the stage for the Flint water crisis.4
  • Chief Strategist: Steve Bannon, former Goldman Sachs banker and founder of Breitbart News, a haven for white nationalists.5
  • Attorney General: Jeff Sessions, worth $7.5 million, climate denier, once deemed too racist to be a federal judge.6
Today we're urging you to DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT in stopping Trump and his team of big bankers, overt racists, and anti-science, climate change deniers and to protect the planet. Your emergency gift right now can be MATCHED — dollar-for-dollar — up to $200,000.

These appointments shouldn't be surprising since Trump spent his campaign boasting about his personal wealth, calling climate change a "hoax," and promising to scrap Obama's Clean Power Plan — but each new climate-denying billionaire named is still a punch in the gut.

Every day I wake up and think, how do we take action to protect our communities and the planet from a Trump presidency? I know you do too. But I'm here to tell you: We will NOT let Trump's administration stop the progress we've made through people power. We will stand our ground and keep pushing forward, through the collective power of people like YOU.

Now, more than ever, is the time to fight for the future of our communities and planet. Donate to Greenpeace today, and remember your gift could be MATCHED!

With eyes wide open, we must bear witness and respond like the future of the planet and all of us depends on it…because it does.

Thanks for all you do,

Rachel Rye Butler
Democracy Campaigner, Greenpeace USA

P.S. Help defeat one the biggest challenges our planet has ever faced Donald Trump and his cronies and protect the environment by taking advantage of our matching gift offer today!

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