May 19, 2017

Spain: The Spanish Galgo - a type of "Hunting Dog" Facing a Modern Day Horror | Dr. Becker at

Please view this sad, informative article by Dr. Becker at including the conversation she had with Yeray Lopez about the mistreatment of the dog breed called Galgo. She says, "I greatly admire Yeray's warrior spirit, and my commitment to him is that we'll do everything we can to support his efforts. It really comes down to awareness and education, which can shift the way people think. But it will take a lot of soldiers in the army to get the education process rolling."

Another organization that has helped many discarded, mistreated hunting dogs recover is the Viktor Larkhill Rescue. You can view their extreme rescues on YouTube and their recently started page at Patreon. Here is an example of a current dog in dire need of donations for a new surgery even though her rescue began two years ago. Some recoveries take a long time and are complicated, like Amy's:
Amy's YouTube video from this week: