Feb 27, 2019

USA: Event March 5 Wild for Wolves Day!

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From: Valerie Love, Ignite Change <bioactivist@biologicaldiversity.org>
Date: Mon, Feb 25, 2019, 3:04 AM
Subject: Love Wolves? Put March 5 on Your Calendar

It's a critical time to get involved.

Center for     Biological    Diversity   

The Trump administration is gearing up to strip protection from wolves across most of the lower 48 states. We have to fight back.

That's why Ignite Change, the Center's national grassroots network, is organizing Wild for Wolves Day on March 5 to bring people together to save America's wolves.

Wolf advocates from across the country have already stepped up to host local events. These gatherings will be a chance to raise your voice for wolves, sign letters opposing Trump's plan and connect with other wolf lovers in your area to plan for the fight ahead.

Come out on March 5 to a Wild for Wolves Day event in your area.

And if you don't see an event where you are, sign up to host your own, and we'll share a guide with support materials.

Wolves show us the importance of collective power, and Wild for Wolves Day is our first national action together.

Connect with local wolf lovers on March 5 to learn more about Ignite Change's campaign to #SaveOurWolves.

For the wild,
Valerie Love
Valerie Love
Deputy Organizing Director, Ignite Change
Center for Biological Diversity
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