May 21, 2019

USA or anywhere: Help Stop the #Wolf Snipers in #Washingtonstate - Donate to the Predator Defense Fund

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Date: Tue, May 14, 2019, 4:37 AM
Subject: Help Stop the Wolf Snipers in Washington
Gray wolves need federal protection to survive and truly recover.

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Gray wolf
Hi Liz,

Last summer Washington state slaughtered adult wolves from three separate packs and even a pup from one of them.

But apparently that wasn't enough — and now Director Kelly Susewind of the state's Department of Fish and Wildlife wants to go after more.

We can't let that happen.

Please give now to the Predator Defense Fund. Thanks to a matching gift challenge grant from an anonymous member, your gift will be doubled.

Director Susewind went on record recently supporting the Trump administration's plan to remove protection from gray wolves across the lower 48, including the western two-thirds of Washington where they're still federally protected.

This would give Susewind the power to order more wolf killings.

Since 2012 Washington has killed 22 state-endangered wolves, 18 of which were killed for the same livestock owner. Time and time again the state has caved to the whim of livestock owners and, on their behalf, slaughtered endangered wolves.

These beautiful animals with strong family bonds are already under state management in the eastern third of the state — and we've seen the gruesome results. Now Washington wants control of the remaining two-thirds, and everyone knows what will happen next.

But we're not without hope.

Today the Center's fierce Call of the Wild activists are in Washington, D.C. delivering nearly 1 million public comments opposed to Trump's plan to delist wolves. It'll likely be the largest number of comments ever received by the federal government on any issue related to the Endangered Species Act in its 45-year history. And the fight is far from over.

Due to overwhelming opposition, the comment period on Trump's plan to delist wolves has just been extended 60 days. The administration knows most Americans want wolves protected.

Our fight goes on. We'll be in the streets, in Congress and in the courts so wolves can once again run wild across the country, free from the threat of hunters and trappers.

Please make a matched gift to the Center's Predator Defense Fund today.

For the wild,
Kierán Suckling
Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity

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