Jun 2, 2019

Everywhere: EMFs are the new coal dust - and we’re all coal miners!

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Subject: EMFs are the new coal dust - and we're all coal miners!

EMFs are the new coal dust.
In 1911, research by famous scientist John Scott Haldane (the father of oxygen therapy) led coal miners to adopt a very unusual method of detecting of air-borne toxins...
Each day, they went down to the mine with a yellow canary.
Canaries being extremely sensitive to otherwise invisible toxins miners were breathing in on a daily basis -- microscopic coal dust, but also carbon monoxide and other poisonous gases -- each time a canary became ill or died, miners would know it was time to evacuate.
Now consider this:
EMFs are the new coal dust, and 3 to 5% of all patients (possibly many more if you're a health professional seeing really chronically ill folks) are yellow canaries.
Except that these days, both conventional and functional medicine practitioners are ignoring those canaries -- people suffering from "electro hypersensitivity" (EHS).
And as a result, us miners (aka- everyone who is exposed to high-levels of EMFs… in other words: everyone) aren't told to "evacuate" this electro-polluted environment, or to clean up the air before we all get sick...
The number of yellow "EMF canaries" who are already sick from this pollution is steadily rising.
In a 2006 letter to the editor of the journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, researchers Hallberg and Oberfeld shared their concerning observations:
"Each year an increasing number of people claim to suffer from electrosensitivity. There are also other diseases, such as fibromyalgia and burn-out syndrome, that have symptoms similar to those exhibited by people suffering from electrosensitivity."
And they ended with a pretty damning prediction:
"Contrary to the views of mainstream medical authorities, [our data] shows that the group of electrosensitive people around the world is not just a small fraction that deviates from the rest of the healthy population. Instead, it points at the possibility that electrosensitivity will be more widespread in the near future. The extrapolated trend indicates that 50% of the population can be expected to become electrosensitive by the year 2017."
Has this prediction come true already in 2019?
How many people are wrongly diagnosed with chronic Lyme, MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, chronic fatigue syndrome and a slew of other conditions... when they are in reality one of these EMF canaries?
The truth is that we don't know. There's no EMF-related symptoms registry, no medical authority is in charge of reporting these cases of EMF sensitivity, and mainstream medicine still thinks these symptoms are a result of mass hysteria…
Many years ago, the same thing was said about tobacco, asbestos, and yes -- coal dust.
But the few EMF-aware practitioners who are listening to what the yellow canaries have to say are seeing EMF-related symptoms day in and day out.
Leading functional medicine practitioner Dr. Dan Pompa says that 1 out of every 2 clients he sees is extremely EMF-sensitive.
Prof. Trevor Marshall, a leading researcher on autoimmunity and EMFs, says that in his experience, "anybody who's got a chronic inflammatory disease has a problem with EMFs, even if they don't realize that."
Dr. Tom O'Bryan, Dr. Ben Lynch, Dr. Zach Bush, Dr. Klinghardt, Dr. Lee Cowden and many more are each saying that they see EMF-related symptoms day in, and day out.
If you've never seen anyone getting sick because of EMFs...
It's possibly time you start listening to the yellow canaries more closely.
It's probably time for you to add EMFs to your intake forms.
And it's definitely time you learn how to help your patients clean up the electro-pollution in their environment, or straight up evacuate their toxic EMF-polluted mine.
This course is the only one in the world that can teach you all of the above, and help you go from EMF-oblivious to EMF-aware in just a few weeks:
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Listen to the canaries.
Protect all of the miners. (aka... all of your patients)
There's still time.
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