Jun 24, 2019

MA: Why are #Whales dying along the #Massachusetts coast? | GlobalWarmingProblemSolvers.com

Dr. Rob Moir is the President and Executive Director leader of Ocean River Institute. You can read and listen at http://www.robmoirphd.com/radio.html

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From: Rob Moir <rob@globalwarmingproblemsolvers.com>
Date: Thu, Oct 18, 2018 at 4:01 PM
Subject: Why are whales dying off our coasts?

Last month, two dead whales were spotted off Massachusetts shores,
A large female humpback lay high on the rocks beneath Boston Light on Little Brewster Island.
And just this week, a third dead whale was found in our waters.
It's hard to determine the exact cause of death for individual whales — but it's clear that climate change and fishing industry are disrupting their ecosystems, diminishing their sources of food, and putting them in greater danger than ever before. As a result, there's been a massive increase in whale deaths — including the critically endangered right whale — over the last few years.
Governor Charlie Baker's policies aren't helping. While he tries to pay lip service to addressing climate change, he has consistently supported new fossil fuel projects. He's also consistently spoken out against regulations that try to limit the environmental impact of the fishing industry.
Warming waters mean that sources of food for whales — fish, plankton, and other sea creatures — are dying off in some areas, making it harder for whales to survive. Whales are also being hit by fishing ships, and entangled in their nets.
Charlie Baker is on the front lines of undermining common sense environmental reform and regulation — in a state that would otherwise support it. We need to make sure there's a political cost for enabling environmentally destructive corporations to continue on this disastrous path. Let's make sure that Charlie Baker pays a price at the ballot box.

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