Oct 7, 2019

Everywhere: LED lights are a dramatically underrated source of #EMFs...

LED light pollution can harm humans as described herebelow in The EMF Guy's post. I use blue light blockers which are a definite comfort. LED lights also impact marine mammals, birds and other critters. A National Geographic article describes massive environmental obstacles for modern bird populations. LED removal would be one small step mankind could take to cease one type of toxic barrage on innocents.

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"What the heck is that?" I told Gen one evening a few weeks ago, pointing at something outside our window.
I first thought that the workers outside our condo (they've been there for years, we're in Montreal after all!!!) had installed some kind of industrial-strength lighting system to be able to do an additional shift during the night. The light was blinding and filling up the entire neighborhood, just like floodlights during late-night football games do.
But then I realized the scary truth -- this was no "temporary" lighting system...
The city had just installed brand new EXTREME SUPREME-POWER SUPER-WHITE LED streetlights. (a LOT of citizens and scientists have already complained about them, and I'll take further steps to try and have them removed or changed...) (1)
The reality is that light pollution is a growing problem, and even if I take great care in keeping only warm-colored incandescent bulbs inside my home in the evening... I'm still bombarded with very disruptive light frequencies coming from the outside.
The worst type of light for human beings (and all living things) is an excess in blue light. In a 2016 interview with the Montreal Gazette, Martin Aubé, an astrophysics professor and researcher at CÉGEP de Sherbrooke explained:
"We aren't against all LEDs [...] — only against the white ones, because they contain that bluish colour. White LEDs come in a range of whites — warm, cool, bright — but all of them contain the blue that increases light pollution and has been linked to health issues.
Using white LED lights increases light pollution by three times. [...] If it continues in this direction, it is crystal clear that not only we won't see the starry sky, but our health and ecosystem will pay the price. [emphasis mine]"
How does blue light impact your health, especially at night? The main way is by disrupting your body's ability to produce melatonin, a key sleep hormone, but also a key cancer-fighting antioxidant.
And now you may start to understand why I look like THIS when I do interviews in the evening:
Wearing orange glasses is not the be all end all of eliminating blue light (that will be the topic of an entire article and podcast in the near future), but it's a great step in the right direction.
As soon as the sun goes down, I switch my normal glasses with these effective & stylish orange glasses from a company called "Ra Optics".
The creator of Ra Optics, Matt Maruca, is an incredible guy. At just 18 years old, Matt was already an expert in biohacking and health optimization. (2)
Matt has hooked me up with a custom pair of his "Hershel" model. I'm extremely satisfied with this new pair of blue blockers because it contains my prescription, so I don't have to mess around with contacts all the time.
Matt has generously offered my audience (that's you!) a solid coupon code. Just use "NICK" at checkout and you'll get 10% off!
Bonus points: Ra Optics frames are made out of plastic, not metal. A few studies have shown that metal-framed glasses can in fact act as an antenna and effectively increase your EMF exposure... so better err on the safe side.
Will you join the blue blockers nation? (trying to make it seem like a normal thing to wear these at night, haha!)

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