Dec 5, 2019

Apple Valley CA: 200+ euthanized in October by the shelter

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From: Robin Morgan <>
Date: Mon, Dec 2, 2019, 3:30 AM

I have been trying to help network the dogs at Apple Valley because their intake and kill rate is so high, and they kill without warning. I was told the shelter was more than full before Thanksgiving, up to three dogs in some kennels. But more importantly, people really need to be aware of just how many dogs and cats are actually being euthanized at Apple Valley in general- and start helping more.  I am not talking about dogs that died because of medical problems, or where they arrived dead on arrival, or owners requested this, rather, I am talking about animals they euthanized because there either was no room or they decided to- after no one adopted, reclaimed them, or rescued them…

233 animals taken in- in just the month of October- that have since been killed from this ONE month of intakes alone! Horrible!

There is no euthanasia list at Apple Valley, rather, they kill without warning. They also do not list their animals on petharbor but use adoptapet instead. When an animal is no longer listed, we do not know if the animal has been adopted, rescued, killed because their policy is not to release this info. This causes mass confusion and concern. Perhaps they have this policy because they do not want people to realize just how many animals are being euthanized. They do however release dispositions after the end of each month, showing them by intake date although one has to scroll through many pages before they find the ones that are euthanized that were taken in during a particular month- and compare IDs, it is tedious. They do not list the dates when the animals were euthanized, adopted or rescued though. Presumably, this happens either in the same month or the month(s) thereafter. The report is a bit hard to follow, but here are the links to see the facts:


For the month of October alone, of the 700 animals they took in, only 117 were adopted, 66 were Returned to Owner, only 58 were rescued, yet 233 WERE EUTHANIZED. This sickening number is above and beyond the 13 that died that were from medical or newborns, or the 93 that were dead upon on arrival per these reports. If you took these into account, of the 700 animals taken in, 339 are dead, that is 48 % DEAD THAT ARE TAKEN IN!!!!! If I am off on my math slightly, or missed something, please forgive me, but I think this is fairly accurate, but please view it for yourself to see.  

And these numbers do not even include any additional animals that may have come in either before or after October that were also euthanized since October. In fact, the month of November may not be complete yet since the shelter is closed for 5 days. I am afraid how many more of these animals in November were also killed the past few days, or will be killed once they reopen on Tuesday December 3rd. These killings would only  later show up on the November report.

Of course, the shelter is not the only one to blame, the root of the problem is there are too many heartless and irresponsible people who are disposing of all these animals and/or letting them roam, breed, etc. There is a very serious pet overpopulation in this surrounding community, and in many other areas as well.  

Not to take away from any of the other shelters and animals that need help, but the animals and problems at the Apple Valley shelter are being sorely overlooked compared to other shelters that get far more attention from rescues and networkers. The animals at Apple Valley need your/our help. Here is a list of adoptable animals, and links to the shelter. I am unclear if there is a list of Rescue Only animals, or if only rescue partners can access this. Please help these dogs and cats if you can. If you can save even one, please contact the shelter asap. I included Brandie the rescue coordinator’s contact below, and the shelter links. 


Apple Valley Animal Services
22131 Powhatan Rd. | Apple Valley, CA  92307
760-240-7000 ext. 7555 | Fax 760-247-6487
Please visit our websites @
Rescue Coordinator is Brandi at 760 240-7000, also try ext 7519. AVAS Rescues

Thanks, Robin
Southern California Chow Chow Rescue Network