Dec 16, 2019

Australia is burning

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From: Tom at Greenpeace Australia Pacific <>
Date: Sun, Dec 15, 2019, 9:40 PM
Subject: Australia is burning

A city choking on toxic smoke, a country literally on fire, rendered powerless with depleted water sources. 

Support us this summer, take action on Australia's climate crisis. 

Dear Liz 

Walking to work in Sydney last week was nightmarish. It was surreal weaving through crowds of people that had their faces hidden behind masks. A sickly orange glow illuminated normally bright and inviting streets, and smoke so thick you could taste it. 

A few nights ago, I couldn't wait to get home to my family who are staying with us for the holidays. As I was going inside I thought to bring their clothes in from off the line. Some of the clothes were for my 1 year old niece. Moving closer I saw tiny pyjamas and sheets sprinkled with ash flakes that had fallen from the sky. There was something about ash on such small clothes, it made me feel ill, it made me feel helpless.

My family's clothesline last week. 
I remember not long ago saying to visitors "the best thing about Australian summers is our big blue skies." It breaks my heart that our once beautiful skyline continues to be a dark reminder of drought stricken communities, suffering and burning. 

I don't know about you Liz. But the sky, these fires, they terrify me. They make me nervous about my family's future. I was desperate to see my government stand-up to take action. But where were they?

With every crisis comes the chance to demonstrate landmark leadership. To provide comfort to those who have lost, and to lead the change your country needs. Yet, days went by before we received a national address from the Prime Minister, it took days for the catastrophic fires to be declared a 'natural disaster'. When we needed climate action most, we got a frightening reluctance to discuss the problem. We need more than 'thoughts and prayers', we need meaningful leadership, we need action. 

Liz what we learned again last week is that our politicians will not lead the way for Australia's future. We must do that. 

So it's more important than ever that we speak loudly. Activism in Australia is more necessary than ever before because the need for change is so great.

Today we are asking for your financial support over 6 months. Because we need your support during a summer we know will be challenging. To remind the government, their silence won't just make the climate crisis go away. The more supporters we have, the louder we are, the scarier we become to governments, organisations, environmental criminals that need to be brought to justice. 

What will my money do? 

  • Non-violent Action - Whether it's protesting a coal mine or presenting our Prime Minister with the ashes of homes lost in the bushfires [video below]. Your donation will help us speak these messages in a way that cannot be overlooked.
  • Investigate - We will continue to research and expose the impacts of fossil fuel on our climate and on our health.
  • Creative Confrontation - We know Scott Morrison is vulnerable right now. The public aren't buying his excuses. So we're working with survivors of bushfires and communications experts to develop hard-hitting content he can't ignore.
Almost 3,000 firefighters deployed across New South Wales as more than 58 uncontained bushfires continue to burn in Australia 1 - This is a National Security Risk.

More land in Australia has burned than in the Amazon fires2 - This is a natural disaster.

Summer has only just begun - This is a climate crisis. We must act now.
Liz the worst is still yet to come. Australia must face the climate crisis head on. We must end coal, end the fossil fuel industry that is contributing to repeat dry conditions that have and will continue to cause so much peril.

Liz, I want to thank you so much for your continued support in the past. As you probably know, Greenpeace is a fully independent entity meaning that we do not accept donations from governments, organisations or other large bodies. This is what makes us incorruptible and truly a voice of the people. People like you who understand, climate change is the greatest challenge our generation will face and that action is needed now.

If you are travelling near bushfire areas or in the smoke this summer, please travel smart and be safe. 

Thank you for everything you do,
Tom and the Greenpeace Australia Pacific team

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