Dec 16, 2019

Botswana: 5 #Elephants killed including one who was radio-collared | Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting Ltd

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Dear Liz

Trophy hunting has re-opened in Botswana, and in the first few days it has demonstrated the lie that is 'well-regulated hunting', this hunt was well regulated and yet a radio-collared elephant was killed

Radio-collared Elephant shot in Ngamiland 24th November

5 elephants one with a radio collar were killed. The hunting party included two professional hunters who were accompanied by Government rangers. They attempted to hide the evidence by removing the collar and attempting to burn it. They are now claiming they did not see the collar and that the elephant had charged them. The two professional hunters have handed in their hunting licenses.

The myth of killing to stop conflict

The local San people report that they were not consulted prior to the hunt, that the elephants were not causing trouble and were resident to the area, and that they now fear aggressive reprisals from elephants because of the killings.

According to San representative Dahem Xixae; "There's no benefit to the community from the hunting of elephants and there are dangers. First of all, the Ju/'hoansi do not eat elephants, because elephants behave like a human being. The five elephants hunted were not transients but local ones. This will make them more aggressive and if any were wounded they will be very dangerous to the local community."

Trophy hunting damaging tourism

"For many years, communities in the Ngamiland concessions have been trying to build local, high-end tourism. They feel hunting could block the potential success of these initiatives and exacerbate human and elephant conflict. The Ju/'hoansi insist that hunting increases the risk of attacks by elephants that have watched herd members gunned down. Given that hunters target the bulls that suppress delinquent behaviour among juveniles, it's also not clear how shooting elephants will resolve human/animal conflict."

You can read the rest of the article here

The hunting lobby is happy with President Masisi

President Masisi of Botswana is reportedly receiving an award from the trophy hunting group Safari Club International.  Masisi is being awarded 'Safari Club International legislator of the year' at the main SCI Reno convention in February 2020

His importance to SCI in their own words "His Excellency President Masisi will be in office for at least five years, giving him the mandate to continue working to benefit Botswana and rural communities through sustainable use of their wildlife. Safari Club International and SCI Foundation have met with President Masisi and the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife, and Tourism to express our support for Botswana in these efforts… Of course, the hunter-conservationists of SCI benefit from increased international hunting opportunities that come with the lifting of the hunting moratorium."

We need your help to stop these awful tragedies from continuing


Now, YOU have the chance to help bring an end to this depravity.

The Government is conducting a Public Consultation on proposals to BAN Trophy Hunting Imports

Visit THIS page to see how YOU can tell the Government you want this BANNED and have your say.

Thank you!

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