Jan 8, 2020

USA and beyond: Stopping 5G is a critical issue (understatement). Please share news from The EMF Guy and also anything from The Irregulators

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For this month's edition of "Featured Organization", I'll copy/paste a very important message I received a few weeks ago from my buddy Josh Del Sol (filmmaker and creator of TakeBackYourPower.net) … and you'll see why this organization called "The Irregulators" is so key.
If you want to support the Irregulators in taking the FCC to court, please visit this page: https://irregulators.net/
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Blockbuster Federal Lawsuit Threatens Future of 5G
By Josh Del Sol, TakeBackYourPower.net
Today's update is a game-changing interview with Bruce Kushnick and Scott McCollough, the leaders of a group of industry "defectors". They have launched a federal case, IRREGULATORS vs FCC, being heard in the D.C. Circuit Court on January 17, 2020.
In the first 3 minutes you'll see why this is a blockbuster piece which will boost all of our efforts worldwide. Click below to instantly watch the interview:
One of the key aspects of the case involves evidence of an estimated $1 Trillion scandal -- yes, Trillion with a "T". In one of the largest "bait and switch" crimes of all time, telecoms have been collecting subsidies to pay for fiber to the home, and giving us 5G instead. The amount of illegal cross-subsidies has been estimated at $60 Billion per year for 15 or more years.
And this is just part of what the legal case will expose and prosecute.
Scott McCullough, the lead attorney, calls the case "a knife in the heart of the underlying economics that currently drive 5G."
Leading up to this case, this same court has ruled against the FCC twice in just the past 4 months. The D.C. Circuit Court is considered the second most important judicial body in the United States, after the Supreme Court.
Perhaps even more important are the action steps for communities and local governments that Scott and Bruce present in the interview. I'm talking about methods they outline for locals to completely take their networks back from the corrupt telecoms.
One last time --
If you want to support the Irregulators in taking the FCC to court, please visit this page: https://irregulators.net/
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