Jan 21, 2020

USA: Get Involved in the Saving Life on Earth Campaign (time sensitive) | Center for Biological Diversity

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From: Quintin Mecke, Center for Biological Diversity <mobilize@list.biologicaldiversity.org>
Date: Mon, Jan 20, 2020, 6:07 AM
Subject: Get Involved in the Saving Life on Earth Campaign

Host a presidential debate watch party on Feb. 7.
Hi Liz,
We launched our Saving Life on Earth campaign to make the extinction crisis a key issue in the 2020 election. Now we're building a national grassroots force to demand that the United States play a leadership role by enacting our plan to halt the global extinction crisis.
On Feb. 7 folks from across the country will be hosting presidential debate watch parties to build our ground game. 
Gathering people together is the first key step in successful organizing and a debate watch party is a great way to involve your community in our campaign, no matter where you live. You can host at your home or in a public space that will be streaming the debate.
It's when people nationwide start getting together, talking about an issue and taking action that we build the collective power needed to hold candidates accountable for saving life on Earth.
Once you sign up, you'll receive a guide to walk you through hosting a successful event. A member of our staff or a trained volunteer mentor will be in touch with you shortly to see if you have any questions or would like more help.
We need people just like you to host parties on Feb. 7 to get our issue on voters' radars across the country.
The forces that are driving so many of these extinctions — pollution, habitat destruction, climate change — never rest. We can't either. 
For the wild,
Quintin Mecke
National Organizing Director
Center for Biological Diversity

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