Mar 9, 2020

Everywhere: Featured Organization of the Month - 5G Crisis | The EMF Guy

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From: Nick Pineault <>
Date: Mon, Mar 9, 2020, 4:05 AM
Subject: Featured Organization of the Month: 5G Crisis

It's time for another edition of this "Featured organization of the month" newsletter where I feature the nonprofit organization I'll be supporting this month, and encourage you -- my readers -- to do the same!
This month, I want to highlight the great work of "5G Crisis - A Project of Americans for Responsible Technology".
(Note: This is NOT the same thing as the "5G Crisis Summit", which is an online event put together by Josh Del Sol and Sayer Ji last year.)
I've been following this organization/project since its launch and I love everything about it. The message is clear, calm, and straight to the point. Their website is informative without being overwhelming, and their "Identify 5G Antennas" section is downright genius.
Also -- I really wish I would have come up with the wording "Responsible Technology"... I love how it sounds.
I mean… Isn't that what all this fight is all about? Being responsible and sane when it comes to how we roll out new technologies to the entire population, and making sure they are health-promoting, not health-destructive?
5G Crisis helps people create local groups to fight against 5G, and has a long list of local organizations you can get in touch with if you want to get involved in your city.
I've sent A LOT of people, who have asked me how they can get involved in their city, to -- and I'll continue to do so.
This organization, like many others, is 100% funded via individual donations, so please give generously -- every cent counts.
To support "5G Crisis", visit:
Have a great day,
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