Jun 22, 2020

Raystown Lake PA: American Bald #Eagle fledgling found dead from fishing line entanglement

June 8, 2020 photo of Bald Eagle parent on branch, and two eaglets in the nest. The other adult is not shown but was flying overhead nearby. These birds live near Bellingham Bay in Washington state. 

June 18th 2020, an eagle fledgling was found deceased in Raystown Lake, Pennsylvania. 

Fishermen should never let trash go in the environment but it is a common occurrence. You can search the internet sites such as Instagram and others to see the tremendous amount of fishing gear and other aquatic and marine debris volunteers pick up. Obviously it would be good if more people picked up after themselves. To help in picking up after others, see for instance, the Ocean Conservancy:

Of course, littering and dumping are illegal, and just from a moral standpoint nobody should put trash in the environment. After all, the environment supports fish and us too.