Sep 2, 2020

USA: Aftermath. Hurricane Laura – View from the ground | Environmental Defense Fund

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Date: Tue, Sep 1, 2020, 3:50 PM
Subject: Hurricane Laura – View from the ground

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Dear Liz,

I live in south Louisiana. I've seen monster hurricanes up close. But no one from the Pelican State has seen one more powerful than Hurricane Laura in more than 150 years.

The category 4 storm packed 150 mph winds when it pounded the Louisiana-Texas coastline last week––and it spread devastation far inland. Hundreds of thousands were forced to evacuate, and many are returning to destroyed homes and communities that look like war zones. Hundreds of thousands are still without power or running water nearly a week later, with the stifling summer Gulf Coast heat aggravating health risks.

EDF staff in Louisiana, Texas and across the country have been working overtime to asses the environmental damage and to help communities recover and rebuild. Thanks to your help, we are helping to spotlight the additional dangers of toxic pollution––a major concern in a region that is home to many oil and gas and chemical manufacturing facilities.

Check out how we're responding to this natural disaster––and please do what you can do to help local groups on the ground.

Hurricanes are a natural phenomenon––but there is growing evidence that climate change is fueling these storms, making them more powerful and more dangerous. Combined with sea level rise, this is putting more coastal communities at greater risk, especially low-income and communities of color who are often more vulnerable and require more assistance both to safely evacuate and then rebuild when the storms pass.

These are life and death issues that our political leaders must address––and with your help, along with the growing coalition of community groups working on these issues, we're tackling climate change, building resilience on our coasts and working to protect the most vulnerable communities from these storms and the hazardous conditions they leave behind.

Take a moment to check out how we're responding––and please consider donating to local groups that are providing relief in these trying days.

Thank you for your advocacy and support,

Steve Cochran
Associate Vice President, Coastal Resilience

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