Oct 14, 2020

Planet: Emergency in the Heavens 🛰📡🛰

The following link goes to a message from Arthur Firstenberg, scientist and author of The Invisible Rainbow, regarding actual and potential serious environmental and public health harm from cell phone electromagnetic frequency radiation and plastic. Mr. Firstenberg is one of the first people to have sounded the alarm. Read more at the website for The Cellular Phone Task Force (www.cellphonetaskforce.org). 

Those in power should worry about how many life forms will be killed and species wiped out when it is all over. The people who govern the city where I live have been advised; regardless, the big tech companies and federal/state government agencies still seem to have we the people in a dark grip. We can stop using cell phones and also sue, but systemic change is vital to life on the planet. Please follow the experts, share info with legislators, sign appeals, donate if you wish to promote in that way, and choose life.